Saturday, 21 May 2016

Revlon | Volume and Length Magnified Mascara


This year Revlon have re-branding their mascara line by discontinuing all their previous mascara's and re-launching with 5 mascaras. All five are uniform in packaging with only differences in the colour of the packaging. Revlon believe this line will make picking a mascara fool proof. The five mascara's they have bought out are: Ultimate All-in-One, Ultra Volume, Super Length, Dramatic Definition and Volume and Length Magnified - which is what I will be reviewing today. I believe none of the mascaras are water proof and they all retail for £9.99 at Boots.

Firstly the packaging looks simple which is lending on the boring side but nothing offensive. The lid is a shiny glossy finish and the rest is a black matte finish. I like how the tube is slightly flat because it doesn't roll around in my vanity draw so I can see instantly what the product is.

When I first applied the product it was very wet and it was difficult to get it to stick to my lashes. I also found that it didn't do an amazing job at lengthening nor volumizing. I didn't wanted to judge it so quickly as mascara's I have loved in the past have gotten better with the formula drying out. It took approximately 3-4 days to start drying out and it did perform better but nothing to get excited about. I found myself getting bored with it because my lashes always looked so regular and Revlon claimed that it should give you doe eyes with amplified volume and length. I found it did neither and it gave very natural lashes which is nice- but not what I was wanting nor what the product wanted to give.


The brush is a subtle square shape which Revlon claims to anchor the formula to lashes, coating them individually for intense volume and length. I found the brush to be messy and it was hard to apply without getting it on my lid. I would place the brush at the root of my lash, wriggle it and move the brush upwards hoping this will apply the product to each individual lash- which it did but the product just didn't either stick to the lash or the brush wasn't picking up product in the actual tube. Either way considering the price and the claims that this mascara had I would give this a miss. I can't speak about the other mascara's in the line so let me know if you had better results with the others!

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