Sunday, 15 May 2016

Hello Fresh | Review


I don't tend to post a lot of lifestyle or food related posts but this year I have been obsessed with eating less processed food and I have been avoiding refined flours and sugars which requires me to cook. I've fallen in love with it as I love making things from scratch and finding new flavours, foods, alternatives to already loved western food but creating a healthier way of doing it. So a few weeks back I got a knock at my door by a friendly face wearing a "hello fresh" apron. I've actually heard of this brand before through watching many YouTube videos so it wasn't hard for him to sell me a two week box set. The classic box for two costs £49.99 a week but I got 30% off so the box cost me £39.99.

I love how it is a week-by-week box so I can stop the subscription whenever I wanted so no monthly commitments. Payment and orders can all be managed via the app so you don't feel bad for wanting to exit. Delivery is free and it comes nicely packaged in a box. They wrap all the meat in ice so if you are at work all day and the box is left in your back garden everything still stays perfectly fresh.



The quality of the vegetables, meat and products were very high. I loved how everything was organic and they source only from local farmers. We selected the classic 5 meal box for two but there are family boxes and vegetarian options as well. All the ingredients you need for all the recipes are provided in the box so you do not need anything extra apart from oil (salt and pepper were given in our box!). I couldn't pick and choose what recipes we wanted for the week however if you go with the 3 meal plan for two you can switch up meals to your taste.


You get all the recipes on a card with a few photos to guide you. If you don't like working off paper the recipes are also available on the app to view as well. I did find the instructions to be confusing at times as I noticed they tried to keep things brief but, as a person who is new to the cooking world, I needed to be told the basics at times. I found the time to make the food took a lot longer for me than the time shown- again I don't know if thats because I'm new to cooking.

Unfortunately I have canceled our Hello Fresh order as I did not like some of the meals on offer. I found them to be a little heavy as I don't usually eat a lot of dairy and wheat based carbs. I appreciated how organic and clean the boxes are I just found it to take longer than I wanted and I didn't like everything in the boxes. It is not all bad as I did find some amazing recipes I loved and will continue to use! I will probably order this box again if there is a week that looks interesting (on the app you can view what meals are going to be in next weeks box) but only the 3 meal plan so I can switch out meals I don't want. Overall it is very high quality and my opinion it is restaurant stand.

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