Sunday, 3 April 2016

Primark | PS Make Up Fixing Spray


I know Primark have had their PS beauty line out for awhile now but I have never tried anything from it. I have heard raving reviews about their lip liners but when I was in the store I didn't see a colour that interested me but I noticed at the bottom of the shelf that they sold Make Up Fixing Spray. I recently have bought make up sponges and thought that the spray would be a good alternative from having to dampen the sponge with water as it will help the make up stay on for longer. I admit I had very little expectations for this and half believed that it would break me out or give me a horrible rash. After trying this spray for a few weeks now I can pleasantly say that this is a decent little product here. I wouldn't go as far as saying it is a replacement for the Urban Decay Setting Spray but it does help lock in my make up for the day. The only big negative for me is the smell as it just screams chemicals but if you can push that to one side then I can't truly fault it.

Like I said earlier I intended to use this to dampen my sponge- which it did brilliantly and assisted in my foundation sticking to my skin better but I also tried spraying it directly on the face after applying make up. Once sprayed it does leave my skin a little sticky but this fades quickly. It doesn't interrupt the finish look of my make up so if I am aiming for a dewy finish it keeps it looking dewy as well as keeping my skin look matte if that is the finish I was intending. I was lucky enough that this didn't break me out. Considering the price is only £2.00 I can't complain as it did more than what I was expecting it to do.

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