Saturday, 19 March 2016

Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Nail Polish | Review


You will rarely see me without nail polish on whether it be perfectly painted or badly chipped- I always have some sort of colour on my nails. Since I was a teenager I have loved nail polishes and would try and go to school with brightly coloured nails and will always be told off (we weren't allowed to wear nail polish). Now that I have left school behind as well as university I have noticed my love for brightly coloured nails is ceasing and I'm opting for more natural and neutral colours. My collection doesn't have a lot of easy to wear colours so when I was browsing the make up range at Tesco (I love going into the supermarket to look at makeup because it's alway so much cleaner and more organised than Boots or Superdrug!) I spotted the Maybelline Super Stay line and was interested in all the colours they had. I also have heard really good things about the formula so was interested to give it a go myself. I picked up Rose Poudre and Second Skin (I tired to find the range on the Tesco website because it is cheaper there but they don't seem to sell it online) as they are both beautiful natural colours for spring.


Rose Poudre As you can see I'm not the best at painting my nails and photos do really enhance that but putting that aside don't you think this is the most perfect pinky skin like shade you have ever seen?! I love how it makes my hand look super tanned as well. The first time I wore this I got a lot of compliments saying how pretty it was and I did find myself looking down at my nails through out the day to admire the shade. It also goes with any outfit or make up look. The application is really easy as well because the brush has a slight curve to it so when applying the polish near your cuticles it fits around this very nicely so I find I don't get nearly as much nail polish all over my skin.


Second Skin This is another very chic colour which will just work with any outfit or makeup look. It is close to my skin colour but with a more brown undertone so it doesn't wash out my hand too much. The lasting power of these nail polishes is incredible as they really do last all week without chipping. There is only a slight wear to the ends of the nails but it's not enough for me to go ahead and re-paint all my nails so I really do leave this on for 7 days. When I bought these they were on special at Tesco for £3.50 but I can imagine there will be loads of different offers at different times. It is a big call to make but I think I like these more than OPI and I definitely like these nail polishes more than Essie (I can hear you all gasp!) because they are way more afford and the quality is amazing so there is nothing I can fault. If you are in the market for a new polish I would seriously give these a try.

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