Monday, 14 March 2016

Avon Haul and Initial Thoughts


I have never tried anything from Avon before so when I saw a brochure I couldn't resist and try a few things out. I know Avon have been around for years and I always had the impression that their make up range was for the older market but what really put me off buying in the past is having to order through a representative. I pictured it like a high end make up counter where you have to browse through the make up while they watch you and you felt like you didn't have a choice but to buy something they picked out for you. But it was a completely different experience. I just received the brochure, I had a look through the pages of make up (they also sell other things like perfume and jewellery) wrote on my order form what I wanted and the representative dropped the items off to me. If you order a foundation they will give a sample first to make sure it was the right colour match! It was completely causal and there is no obligation to purchase when you have the brochure either. My first reaction from looking at their product range is the sheer amount of options you have. They sell a lot of stuff which can be a little overwhelming so naturally I took to the blogging world to figure out what was worth trying and here is what I bought:


True Colour Eyeshadow Quad- Mocha Latte I actually saw Amelia Liana briefly talking about this shadow quad in one of her videos awhile back and I must of made a mental note about it because this palette really stood out for me. It is so hard finding matte eye shadows at affordable prices. I think this cost me £9 and it comes with 4 shades- which 3 are matte and 1 is a shimmer. I don't like the shimmer shade as it doesn't have a lot of pigmentation and I feel other affordable brands do better brown shimmers. The matte colours I would say are okay. Shade number 2 takes a lot of time to work onto the lids for it to be a strong colour but it does blend out nicely with a fluffy brush. Number 4 doesn't look as dark on the lids as in the pan but it means that you can't go heavy handed. I do like this palette for the day but I wouldn't replace this quad for my high end matte eyeshadows. For someone who is just starting out with eyeshadow I would say this is a good one as you can't go heavy handed with it.

avonone Matte Lipstick- Ravishing Rose You may have seen this new line of lipsticks advertised on TV and on youtube. Avon seem to be trying to re-brand using this new collection of lipsticks as their show stopper product and I have to admit it really is a show stopper. The texture is very creamy making it a very comfortable lipstick to wear on the lips and there is a fruity scent to it but it isn't overwhelming. When applying I did find it difficult to get a perfect line around my lips but it wasn't awful enough to have to go over with a lipliner. The staying power is good but I do get the problem of having the product build up on my back of my lips which really annoys me but it happens with a lot of lipsticks so it cannot be helped (so far the only lipstick that doesn't do that to me is the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution line). However I absolutely love this colour, it really is beautiful and wearable for the day and night also for either winter or summer. At the time I only paid £5.50 but I think these have gone up to £8 recently but Avon do a lot of sales so I would wait till they do another one. I would say this battles the Mac lipsticks (which they are using to advise that they are more matte than Mac) both in quality and price.


Sponge This is the first time I have ever tried a beauty sponge and it seems okay. On foundations that I have written off to be awful when I use a sponge they actually sit well on the skin, in particular the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation! (hurrah! because I really wanted to love this foundation). It does suck up a lot of product which is negative for me but like I said, for foundations I wasn't going to use anyway because they didn't work with a brush or fingers this sponge has been great in bring these foundations back into my daily routine.

The Freebies I also got a near full face of make up for free because I got a certain combo of make up. I got an eye shadow duo in crushed orchid, eyeliner in plum, and a nail polish in Tweed. I have to be honest I haven't tried any of the freebies on my face yet. I did swatch them all and the eyeliner isn't very good as it is way too dry and not opaque at all which is a little disappointing because I wanted to give a purple eyeliner a try. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to use the purple as I thought it would be a lot darker but I will give it a try and see what I can do.

For the price Avon is a great make up brand to start your make up kit with. I would use all the products I purchased and I'm excited to see what direction the brand decides to go now with the launch of the matte lipsticks (which are fab!).

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