Sunday, 10 January 2016

Things To Do In Shropshire | Hoo Farm


During the last school holidays we had my husband's little sister come to visit. I have always wanted to visit Hoo Farm but had the impression that it was a very 'family' thing to do so felt awkward going without a child. I was so wrong! It is completely like a mini zoo with animals from Africa but a lot more interesting as they had events every half an hour where a member of staff would talk to you about the animals. We missed the Meerkats event which I was gutted about cause you got the chance to hold the Meerkats, feed them and play with them.




You were allowed to feed any of the animals in the "farm area" and I have never fed a sheep out of my hand. They would lick the feed from you so if you got ticklish hands you are in for a treat!


They also had two very friendly farm cats. My husband and I are huge cat lovers and I think this particular cat knew because it was climbing all over Adam! So if you are ever in the Shropshire area I would definitely make a trip to Hoo Farm. It was really a great day out!

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