Friday, 29 January 2016

The Happiness Guide

the happiness guide

The older I get I find myself stressing about so many things from simple things like travelling to the shops safety to planning my meals for the week. With so many stresses and responsibilities finding things that make me happy are starting to become far and few. So I have piled together a list of 5 simple things that I will incorporate into my day to keep the stress levels down and generally help with overall happiness.

1. Laugh at Yourself There is no point in trying to take yourself so seriously all the time and if you can laugh at yourself the mistakes you make don't become so awful anymore but rather amusing.

2. Make a Plan for your Day If you are finding everything is becoming too much with studying or working then at the start of each day compile a list of smaller tasks to do. That way you stop thinking about everything you have to do but rather manageable tasks that are achievable in each day. I am definitely the type of person who over estimates the amount of time I have and thinks I can do everything to the point when I don't achieve it I believe I have failed. Now I am trying to change this way of thinking and just set myself smaller, urgent goals each day as I have to remember that there are always things that need doing but it's just managing when you can/have to do them.

3. Work Out I am ridiculously lazy when it comes to working out but when I do I can't help but smile at the end of the work out. I love the feeling of moving my body and feel it get stronger. I have been setting myself small goals of going to the gym at least twice a week and it has been cheering myself up a lot as I find that I leave work on time and I have created a more balanced life style for myself.

4. Listen to Music Last year I crashed my car which knocked my confidence so much when it came to driving. I still don't listen to music in the car as I like to fully focus on what I am doing but as I result I haven't been listening to music at all. Music plays a big part of my life so now in the mornings when I am getting ready I play music to just set my mood for the day.

5. Create Hobbies Since finishing school I have struggled to find hobbies to do. At school I did music groups (I played the flute), Netball, loads of different clubs like chess club, knitting club, language club and I would do weekend activities like Saturday sports and volunteering. Now that I have graduated it's not as simple as writing my name on the board for a club and dragging my friends along as there are other commitments that now take up my time. But since I have moved to a new town I have been making an effort to put myself out there. I have gotten back into Netball and I love it! I have also been looking into taking ice staking lessons next month or dance classes with my husband.

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