Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Dior Star Foundation and Concealer | Review

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dior three If you don't know already, I love testing out foundations. I don't mind splashing out on them because when I find an amazing foundation I have the most amazing make up days and feel my most confident. Sadly when I tried the Star foundation for the first time in the summer it just went all wrong. I bought the Dior Star foundation (£32.50) and concealer (£22.00) in the summer and it just would not sit on my skin. It would slide all over my nose and forehead creating weird patches that was so noticeable even my husband commented on it asking whether I'm wearing a really budget foundation and he was shocked when I told him it was Dior. When I had the concealer on my chin it would patch and go almost lumpy. It was the worst foundation I had ever purchased and was even most disappointed in the fact that I had spent so much money on both!

However now that the weather is colder I have tried it again and it is a lot better as it actually clings onto the skin. However it does highlight dry patches really badly. The finish doesn't give me a healthy 'glow' but rather a very flat finish (however a factor could be because I was matched a shade too light for me). I found the best way to apply the foundation is using your hands as brushes just don't distribute the product evenly and the product doesn't sink into the skin either.

The bottle is very heavy glass with an amazing pump which doesn't release too much product. The texture of the foundation is very thick which I was shocked about as the coverage is very light. It does have a floral smell which is a little strong in my opinion but it doesn't aggravate my skin. Even though the foundation seems to be applying and sitting on my skin better in the winter it still does do anything amazing for it leaving me very disappointed.

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In addition to the foundation, the concealer does not go lumpy in the winter but now I get no results at all- it just does not do anything. I have tried it on spots, pigmentation, my under eyes and it just doesn't cover. I know the line Star is meant to be very light in coverage but I don't notice any change in my skin when I do apply it.

Overall for the price of these products and the results it gave I would sadly not purchase this again. I have read that it has worked wonders on other people so even though this didn't work for me it might for you.

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