Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Cosy Comforts


Christmas is over and it seems people turn all down and glum in January because it's cold, dark and money tends to be tight. There is nothing worse than feeling trapped inside but I am making the most of it by catching up on my reading. At the moment I've been loving the Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling) series. It is a crime/detective book but I love the way JK Rowling writes as it really places you in the middle of the story to the point that it makes you feel like you are in the room with the characters. So far she has done three books and I'm currently on the second. I'll do a review on it when I have read them all. While reading I love snuggling up in freshly clean PJ's and having a candle burning. I've been really enjoying the Yankee sugared apple candle that I got last year and I really wished I bought the bigger size of this as I can't get enough of it!

I don't want to batter on about how amazing Lush bath bombs/bubble bars are...but they are amazing and I love them in the winter. I promise thats all I'll say about them!

In the colder months it is so easy to just eat chocolate but I am really trying to kick my bad habits. While I am reading a book or watching a TV and I want a snack (which used to be chocolate) I have opting for the Nakd fruit and nut nibbles as it feels like a naughty treat... but it's not.

I hope you are all having a cosy January as well!

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