Sunday, 12 June 2016

Empties | Part Three

I have done a fair few of these posts on my blog and they always go down really well. I have been very mindful of my new years resolution (amazing how it's June and I am still trying to achieve my yearly goals!) of using more and consuming less. I have been purchasing less beauty products this year and have been more focused on using up what I have more. It has made me realise how long products actually last and if I took the time out to use it all up that I actually get my monies worth. There is nothing worse than looking at a bottles use by date and seeing that it has expired but it's a barely touched product. I strongly recommend using a whole bottle up because the sense of satisfaction it truly amazing.


First up I have COLab Dry Shampoo Sheer and Invisible in Rio. To be honest my choice in dry shampoo is determined on whether it is on offer or not. While I thought this was nice it was nothing to write home about. It was sheer and invisible like it is described on the tin which is great because I have dark brown hair however I didn't think it really helped on days where my hair was seriously greasy.
This is my second bottle of The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil and I have since re-purchased. It really is amazing at removing all make up, including eye make up. It doesn't sting my eyes, leaves my skin soft and hydrated - it really is a product that will always be in my skin care routine.
Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy has been my every day perfume for almost a year now. I was kindly gifted this 50ml bottle for my birthday last year and it has taken me a full year to get through. It is a lovely sweet scent without it being overwhelming and can be worn for any occasion. I loved how I had this to fall on when I didn't know what fragrance to wear and I am happy that I still have a 30ml bottle of this to use up.


As you may be aware I don't use conditioner as I find that I need way more moisture to tame my frizzy dry hair. I saw Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Oil Treatment was on offer about a few months back and decided to give it a go. The treatment is a funny honey colour and has a very subtle scent which I can't remember exactly what it smelt like but it didn't linger on the hair after washing. It aims to leave hair sublimely smooth and silky without weighing it down. Now I have no issues with any product weighing my hair down so I couldn't say whether it works for that or not but I have to admit that it didn't give me enough moisture to create 'smooth and silky hair'. In fact it worked just like a regular conditioner so if you have thick dry hair like me I would give this a miss.
On a more positive note the Clinique Take the Day Off make up remover is incredible. When I wear a kohl liner on my upper lash line this is the only thing that will remove it. I also love it for times when I make a mistake with my liquid eyeliner I just place some of this on the end of a cotton pad and I can literally gently glide it along the error and it would remove the mistake without having to push hard on the lid or rubbing so I never have to re-do my eyeshadow. It really is incredible! I have recently been gifted a full bottle of this for my birthday and I don't think I can truly live without it now.
Having a good base coat is key when it comes to having nail polish last the week and my favourite for years has been the Revlon Nail Care Quick Dry Base Coat. It does everything it claims to do, dries quick, keeps the polish sticking to your nails, protects against splitting, peeling, and yellowing. However I haven't repurchased as I want to see if there is anything else out there that can match this or even better it however if you don't want to take the risk and want a fool proof base polish this is the one!

Sunday, 5 June 2016

2016 May Favourites


May has been both an expensive and busy month. I celebrated another year getting older which always involves going out for dinner, lunch and drinks. Sadly the celebrations are over and my bank balance definitely felt the blow but I am going to cherish the good memories I have created. June is looking to be a quieter month for me which will mean more time to brain storm blogging ideas and more importantly- sit down and actually get content out! I have missed it incredibility and I miss the time when I was churning out three posts a week. Recently life has been filled with work, being obsessed with the TV series The Blacklist and a new fitness schedule. I will post about my fitness journey this month as I truly feel passionate about it and I really feel it has changed my life in such a positive way that there is no way I will revert back to my old life of potato couching and internet surfing 24/7. In terms of make up there have been firm favourites so this post is an exciting one for me to write.


Estee Lauder bronze goddess is everything that screams summer and every year I pull this little gem out. It really is as good as everyone says it is. There are notes of coconut, sunscreen and vanilla. It is not a super strong scent so it's not overwhelming to spray on a hot day as I tend to hate anything strong scented when I'm melting in the heat. I have been carrying this around with me all month and have been spraying this as every opportunity I get as well as singing it's praises to anyone who will listen.
To follow my sun theme I have been loving the Dior Bronzer in Caramel/Toffee. Unfortunately this was part of Dior's summer range a few years ago but the DIORSKIN Nude Air tan is very similar. It is a lovely buttery powder that blends beautifully on the skin. I use a powder brush and apply on the tops of my cheek bones, along my hair line and under my jaw. I have also been applying some on my nose to really create that "I've just come back from holiday" look.


Another old classic that I love pulling out this time of the year is Essie Fiji. It is a lovely creamy pink colour. I am sad to say that my photo of this on my nails does not quite pick up the pink notes so you really do need to see this for yourself! It is girly without it being too childish. I only need to apply two coats and I have a lovely thick opaque colour.


To end my May Favourites I have been completely obsessed with this eye shadow combo. I use the Maybelline colour tattoo in On and on Bronze all over my lid with my finger as this applies the product the best in my opinion. I then get a fluffy blending brush and dip it into Snakebite from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette and place this dark bronze colour on the outer corners of my eyes. This makes my eyes look so bright and used in conjunction with my bronzed skin has made me do double takes when I see my make up in the mirror and think 'darn that looks good'.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Revlon | Volume and Length Magnified Mascara


This year Revlon have re-branding their mascara line by discontinuing all their previous mascara's and re-launching with 5 mascaras. All five are uniform in packaging with only differences in the colour of the packaging. Revlon believe this line will make picking a mascara fool proof. The five mascara's they have bought out are: Ultimate All-in-One, Ultra Volume, Super Length, Dramatic Definition and Volume and Length Magnified - which is what I will be reviewing today. I believe none of the mascaras are water proof and they all retail for £9.99 at Boots.

Firstly the packaging looks simple which is lending on the boring side but nothing offensive. The lid is a shiny glossy finish and the rest is a black matte finish. I like how the tube is slightly flat because it doesn't roll around in my vanity draw so I can see instantly what the product is.

When I first applied the product it was very wet and it was difficult to get it to stick to my lashes. I also found that it didn't do an amazing job at lengthening nor volumizing. I didn't wanted to judge it so quickly as mascara's I have loved in the past have gotten better with the formula drying out. It took approximately 3-4 days to start drying out and it did perform better but nothing to get excited about. I found myself getting bored with it because my lashes always looked so regular and Revlon claimed that it should give you doe eyes with amplified volume and length. I found it did neither and it gave very natural lashes which is nice- but not what I was wanting nor what the product wanted to give.


The brush is a subtle square shape which Revlon claims to anchor the formula to lashes, coating them individually for intense volume and length. I found the brush to be messy and it was hard to apply without getting it on my lid. I would place the brush at the root of my lash, wriggle it and move the brush upwards hoping this will apply the product to each individual lash- which it did but the product just didn't either stick to the lash or the brush wasn't picking up product in the actual tube. Either way considering the price and the claims that this mascara had I would give this a miss. I can't speak about the other mascara's in the line so let me know if you had better results with the others!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Hello Fresh | Review


I don't tend to post a lot of lifestyle or food related posts but this year I have been obsessed with eating less processed food and I have been avoiding refined flours and sugars which requires me to cook. I've fallen in love with it as I love making things from scratch and finding new flavours, foods, alternatives to already loved western food but creating a healthier way of doing it. So a few weeks back I got a knock at my door by a friendly face wearing a "hello fresh" apron. I've actually heard of this brand before through watching many YouTube videos so it wasn't hard for him to sell me a two week box set. The classic box for two costs £49.99 a week but I got 30% off so the box cost me £39.99.

I love how it is a week-by-week box so I can stop the subscription whenever I wanted so no monthly commitments. Payment and orders can all be managed via the app so you don't feel bad for wanting to exit. Delivery is free and it comes nicely packaged in a box. They wrap all the meat in ice so if you are at work all day and the box is left in your back garden everything still stays perfectly fresh.



The quality of the vegetables, meat and products were very high. I loved how everything was organic and they source only from local farmers. We selected the classic 5 meal box for two but there are family boxes and vegetarian options as well. All the ingredients you need for all the recipes are provided in the box so you do not need anything extra apart from oil (salt and pepper were given in our box!). I couldn't pick and choose what recipes we wanted for the week however if you go with the 3 meal plan for two you can switch up meals to your taste.


You get all the recipes on a card with a few photos to guide you. If you don't like working off paper the recipes are also available on the app to view as well. I did find the instructions to be confusing at times as I noticed they tried to keep things brief but, as a person who is new to the cooking world, I needed to be told the basics at times. I found the time to make the food took a lot longer for me than the time shown- again I don't know if thats because I'm new to cooking.

Unfortunately I have canceled our Hello Fresh order as I did not like some of the meals on offer. I found them to be a little heavy as I don't usually eat a lot of dairy and wheat based carbs. I appreciated how organic and clean the boxes are I just found it to take longer than I wanted and I didn't like everything in the boxes. It is not all bad as I did find some amazing recipes I loved and will continue to use! I will probably order this box again if there is a week that looks interesting (on the app you can view what meals are going to be in next weeks box) but only the 3 meal plan so I can switch out meals I don't want. Overall it is very high quality and my opinion it is restaurant stand.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour | Review


There has been a huge influx of matte liquid lipsticks hitting the market recently- Mac, Kat Von D, Anastasia Beverly Hills, NYX however all these brands (apart from Mac) are difficult to get a hold of in the UK (although NYX is starting to be more available as Boots now stocks it hurrah!) so when I saw Revlon jumping on the matte liquid lipstick bandwagon I just had to get my hands on it. Revlon states that the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor is a velvet matter finish. They use 100% wax free gel technology so the lipstick is lightweight, moisturising with an high definition pigment and matte finish. They are retailing at Boots and Superdrug for £8.99 but at the time of writing this blog post both stores have 3 for 2 offers across the Revlon line so now is a great time to try these out!



I got two colours the pink tone lipstick is Devotion (top photo) and the nude colour is Seduction (bottom photo). The applicator is a flat doffer that tapers in at the end. This shape wand for me sits lovely on the lips as the applicator is perfectly curved to fit around them making the product apply evenly. I use the fine tip top to create a really precise line around the edge of my lips and one dip into the tube gives off the perfect amount of product so there is absolutely no waste or fuss with it.

The lipstick itself is something I have never tried before as you can really tell gel technology has been used. The texture is like a fine jelly that is soft and slightly thicker than other liquid lipsticks I've used in the past. Also with the product being gel based it is so comfortable to wear because it does not dry out at all so when I go to press my lips together I still can slide them which I personally love doing when wearing lipstick. However if you are looking for a ultra matte lipstick- this is not it, as I don't think it is very matte at all. However aside the missed placed marketing I throughly enjoy that it isn't a super matte cause they just pull all the moisture out of my lips.

It is strongly scented of, what I believe, to be a vanilla melon smell. I personally love the scent but I have read a lot of reviews where people are disgusted by it so I would recommend smelling this product before trying it as the smell does linger on the lips for awhile after applying. In terms of lasting power, it is fairly decent. It doesn't stay on well after eating but it doesn't fade badly either so re-applying is so easy. Some matte lipsticks for me tend to cake and flake when I re-apply more of the lipstick on top of the existing layer but this product doesn't do this at all. It just blends in nicely with the existing lipstick. Both shades are amazing on the lips however I personally gravitate towards Seduction more than Devotion as Seduction pulls more pink on me but in a very subtle way that I love. I have been so in love with this lipstick I can honestly say, hand to heart, that I have worn these non-stop since buying them.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Primark | PS Make Up Fixing Spray


I know Primark have had their PS beauty line out for awhile now but I have never tried anything from it. I have heard raving reviews about their lip liners but when I was in the store I didn't see a colour that interested me but I noticed at the bottom of the shelf that they sold Make Up Fixing Spray. I recently have bought make up sponges and thought that the spray would be a good alternative from having to dampen the sponge with water as it will help the make up stay on for longer. I admit I had very little expectations for this and half believed that it would break me out or give me a horrible rash. After trying this spray for a few weeks now I can pleasantly say that this is a decent little product here. I wouldn't go as far as saying it is a replacement for the Urban Decay Setting Spray but it does help lock in my make up for the day. The only big negative for me is the smell as it just screams chemicals but if you can push that to one side then I can't truly fault it.

Like I said earlier I intended to use this to dampen my sponge- which it did brilliantly and assisted in my foundation sticking to my skin better but I also tried spraying it directly on the face after applying make up. Once sprayed it does leave my skin a little sticky but this fades quickly. It doesn't interrupt the finish look of my make up so if I am aiming for a dewy finish it keeps it looking dewy as well as keeping my skin look matte if that is the finish I was intending. I was lucky enough that this didn't break me out. Considering the price is only £2.00 I can't complain as it did more than what I was expecting it to do.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

March Favourites 2016


March has been a great month with the bonus extra long weekend and the UK has been experiencing some lovely sunny days recently so I have pre-maturely sipping on Pimm's while admiring the sunny whether from my living room as it is not quite warm enough to sit outside. Small talk aside I have been loving three incredible products this month. A few posts ago you would of read my review on the Maybelline Super Stay Nail Polish in Rose Poudre and Second Skin. I have fallen in love with the shade Rose Poudre because it is a classy girly pink that just makes people stare at your nails and ask "what colour are you wearing?". The lasting power is just incredible as it really doesn't chip for a whole week. I have been eyeing up all the other shades so you will be seeing this line around on my blog a lot in the next few months.

I did have a little skin break out earlier on this month and my L'Oreal Infalliable Matte Foundation really came to the rescue. It is really high in coverage so teamed with smallest amount of concealer my pesky spots were fully erased. The foundation is great as it doesn't cake, break up or slide around. This might be too much information but when I get spots they tend to be shiny and nothing will stick to them however because this foundation is matte it really did stick and conceal the shininess. I did apply primer before the foundation just to make sure everything was locking into place but I think you can get away without a primer and it will still last all day. I also love that when my spots have dried out I can continue to use this foundation without it clinging onto the dry skin (again that may have been too much information but I am just keeping it real!). The L'Oreal Infalliable Matte Foundation has over taken many of my high end foundations and if you were to put this on my skin without telling me what it was I would of thought it was the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation (old formula)- without the weird smell so it really is that good!

I haven't previously talked about the The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver on my blog but I have been wearing this all month underneath my make up. I have found (aside my break outs) that my skin has been really flat and almost grey in colour (I'm assuming it is due to many months without any sunlight!). My husband was in The Body Shop picking up his skin care and all their products were 3 for 2 so I decided to try this out as it aims to give instant radiance to the skin. I haven't heard anyone talk about this so I didn't have any expectations for it but I was very presently surprised. When smoothing the clear cream over my face it leaves it so silky soft, almost like a baby skin finish. It is nothing I have experienced before. It smells like oranges which I don't particularly like as I hate orange scented things but it isn't over whelming and it does go away very quickly once applied so I can handle it. When I look at my skin without make up on I can see my skin looks a lot more radiant. Beneath my foundation it doesn't turn my matte foundation dewy or oily but rather just a "lit from within" it is very subtle but it has just given my skin that little lift that it needed.

I hope you have all had a lovely month and let me know what your favourite products were this month!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Nail Polish | Review


You will rarely see me without nail polish on whether it be perfectly painted or badly chipped- I always have some sort of colour on my nails. Since I was a teenager I have loved nail polishes and would try and go to school with brightly coloured nails and will always be told off (we weren't allowed to wear nail polish). Now that I have left school behind as well as university I have noticed my love for brightly coloured nails is ceasing and I'm opting for more natural and neutral colours. My collection doesn't have a lot of easy to wear colours so when I was browsing the make up range at Tesco (I love going into the supermarket to look at makeup because it's alway so much cleaner and more organised than Boots or Superdrug!) I spotted the Maybelline Super Stay line and was interested in all the colours they had. I also have heard really good things about the formula so was interested to give it a go myself. I picked up Rose Poudre and Second Skin (I tired to find the range on the Tesco website because it is cheaper there but they don't seem to sell it online) as they are both beautiful natural colours for spring.


Rose Poudre As you can see I'm not the best at painting my nails and photos do really enhance that but putting that aside don't you think this is the most perfect pinky skin like shade you have ever seen?! I love how it makes my hand look super tanned as well. The first time I wore this I got a lot of compliments saying how pretty it was and I did find myself looking down at my nails through out the day to admire the shade. It also goes with any outfit or make up look. The application is really easy as well because the brush has a slight curve to it so when applying the polish near your cuticles it fits around this very nicely so I find I don't get nearly as much nail polish all over my skin.


Second Skin This is another very chic colour which will just work with any outfit or makeup look. It is close to my skin colour but with a more brown undertone so it doesn't wash out my hand too much. The lasting power of these nail polishes is incredible as they really do last all week without chipping. There is only a slight wear to the ends of the nails but it's not enough for me to go ahead and re-paint all my nails so I really do leave this on for 7 days. When I bought these they were on special at Tesco for £3.50 but I can imagine there will be loads of different offers at different times. It is a big call to make but I think I like these more than OPI and I definitely like these nail polishes more than Essie (I can hear you all gasp!) because they are way more afford and the quality is amazing so there is nothing I can fault. If you are in the market for a new polish I would seriously give these a try.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Avon Haul and Initial Thoughts


I have never tried anything from Avon before so when I saw a brochure I couldn't resist and try a few things out. I know Avon have been around for years and I always had the impression that their make up range was for the older market but what really put me off buying in the past is having to order through a representative. I pictured it like a high end make up counter where you have to browse through the make up while they watch you and you felt like you didn't have a choice but to buy something they picked out for you. But it was a completely different experience. I just received the brochure, I had a look through the pages of make up (they also sell other things like perfume and jewellery) wrote on my order form what I wanted and the representative dropped the items off to me. If you order a foundation they will give a sample first to make sure it was the right colour match! It was completely causal and there is no obligation to purchase when you have the brochure either. My first reaction from looking at their product range is the sheer amount of options you have. They sell a lot of stuff which can be a little overwhelming so naturally I took to the blogging world to figure out what was worth trying and here is what I bought:


True Colour Eyeshadow Quad- Mocha Latte I actually saw Amelia Liana briefly talking about this shadow quad in one of her videos awhile back and I must of made a mental note about it because this palette really stood out for me. It is so hard finding matte eye shadows at affordable prices. I think this cost me £9 and it comes with 4 shades- which 3 are matte and 1 is a shimmer. I don't like the shimmer shade as it doesn't have a lot of pigmentation and I feel other affordable brands do better brown shimmers. The matte colours I would say are okay. Shade number 2 takes a lot of time to work onto the lids for it to be a strong colour but it does blend out nicely with a fluffy brush. Number 4 doesn't look as dark on the lids as in the pan but it means that you can't go heavy handed. I do like this palette for the day but I wouldn't replace this quad for my high end matte eyeshadows. For someone who is just starting out with eyeshadow I would say this is a good one as you can't go heavy handed with it.

avonone Matte Lipstick- Ravishing Rose You may have seen this new line of lipsticks advertised on TV and on youtube. Avon seem to be trying to re-brand using this new collection of lipsticks as their show stopper product and I have to admit it really is a show stopper. The texture is very creamy making it a very comfortable lipstick to wear on the lips and there is a fruity scent to it but it isn't overwhelming. When applying I did find it difficult to get a perfect line around my lips but it wasn't awful enough to have to go over with a lipliner. The staying power is good but I do get the problem of having the product build up on my back of my lips which really annoys me but it happens with a lot of lipsticks so it cannot be helped (so far the only lipstick that doesn't do that to me is the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution line). However I absolutely love this colour, it really is beautiful and wearable for the day and night also for either winter or summer. At the time I only paid £5.50 but I think these have gone up to £8 recently but Avon do a lot of sales so I would wait till they do another one. I would say this battles the Mac lipsticks (which they are using to advise that they are more matte than Mac) both in quality and price.


Sponge This is the first time I have ever tried a beauty sponge and it seems okay. On foundations that I have written off to be awful when I use a sponge they actually sit well on the skin, in particular the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation! (hurrah! because I really wanted to love this foundation). It does suck up a lot of product which is negative for me but like I said, for foundations I wasn't going to use anyway because they didn't work with a brush or fingers this sponge has been great in bring these foundations back into my daily routine.

The Freebies I also got a near full face of make up for free because I got a certain combo of make up. I got an eye shadow duo in crushed orchid, eyeliner in plum, and a nail polish in Tweed. I have to be honest I haven't tried any of the freebies on my face yet. I did swatch them all and the eyeliner isn't very good as it is way too dry and not opaque at all which is a little disappointing because I wanted to give a purple eyeliner a try. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to use the purple as I thought it would be a lot darker but I will give it a try and see what I can do.

For the price Avon is a great make up brand to start your make up kit with. I would use all the products I purchased and I'm excited to see what direction the brand decides to go now with the launch of the matte lipsticks (which are fab!).

Sunday, 6 March 2016

My Top 3 Winter Affordable Lipsticks


I love the colder months where I can whip out my dark, berry toned lipsticks. I own a lot of lipsticks (so many that I'm ashamed to admit how many I own) but because I have such a large collection I am now so picky so to what lipstick makes top shelf status. I took my job to narrow down my favourite top three affordable lipsticks very seriously. What I look for in a lipstick is high colour impact, comfort on the lips, that it doesn't bleed or run, that it doesn't cake or gather up weirdly, smells good and that it is easy to apply plus that it is affordable. What I count is affordable is a lipstick that is £10 or less. So after careful consideration these are my stop 3 winter affordable lipsticks.


Third Place: Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick 107

This is a truly classic blogger lipstick and for good reasons too. The colour play off is incredible. The texture is so creamy and smooth it makes application a dream. I don't need a lipliner when wearing this because it is a matte it doesn't bleed or run outside my lips yet it is still very comfortable to wear. There are different colour tone depths so it looks totally different on each person. Depending on your skin colour it will highlight a different shade in the lipstick so anyone can pull this colour off. On me this colour is very dark and rich with a strong shade of black cherry coming through. For me this lipstick does not dry out my lips at all or cling to any flaky skin and I can wear it all day without needing to top it up. A big tick for me is that it is so stress free that it is a no brainer that this has to be in my top 3. I also cannot get over the smell, it is so sweet and delightful that I find myself sniffing the product before I put it on my lips. Plus it only costs £5.49 which is the cheapest product out of all three I have here!


Second Place: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Cherries in the Snow

Revlon lipsticks do not get enough credit here in the blogging community and I have no idea why. They are so high quality and the packing looks super chic. My ultimate favourite shade for winter is Cherries in the Snow which is a lovely pink raspberry colour that is bright but because of the raspberry tones it is a lovely berry colour to wear for the winter (plus the name is totally fitting). This isn't a matte finish so it is very moisturising but it packs a punch in colour play off. I only need one sweep and the colour is so opique that I'm shocked that this is an affordable lipstick. It can tend to gather a little on the insides of my lips but it isn't anything horrible and to be honest if a lipstick isn't matte most do this to me. For me there is no scent and I can get an accurate application just by applying the product out of the bullet. This lipstick retails for £7.99


First Place: Rimmel London The Only 1 Lipstick Under my Spell

Rimmel really do smash it when it comes to their lip products and this one which released last year has not disappointed. It is a very comfortable formula which is not matte but, like the Revlon lipstick, is super opaque in colour. For a moisturising lipstick it doesn't gather at all anywhere on the lips and it stays on all day long without any need of a touch up. I have no idea how Rimmel formulated this product but it truly is an amazing formula that I have not experienced with any other brand. It has the same amazing sweet scent like the Kate Matte Lipstick but what makes this lipstick that little bit more amazing is how the product is executed into the bullet. It has a super sharp edge which it makes so super easy to create a sharp line without the need for a lip pencil. I also adore this colour, it a purple with a pink undertone which makes this shade super easy and flattering to wear (even during the day and I am also prone to wearing this to work as well without it looking out of place). This amazing lipstick comes at an amazing price of £6.99.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

L'Oreal Infallible Foundation | Review


As you may see from the posts on my blog there have been a fair few foundation reviews. I always thought my favourite make up product was lipstick but I am soon releasing that I also have a serious addiction to foundations. I just love trying them out and comparing them to other brands. I do think foundation is a very important step in any makeup routine as it makes or breaks the final look. I have heard so many people and bloggers rave about the L'Oreal Infallible Foundation line. I was in Tesco's a few weeks back browsing the makeup stands and saw there was a £3 off offer (I'm sure you can find another offer like this in Boots or Superdrug) so thought it was the perfect time to try the Infallible line out. I just couldn't pick between the Matte Formula or the Regular so naturally I got both and I have no regrets at all.

infallible two

The Matte Formula reminds me a lot of the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation (the old formula) the way that it is a very thick texture but it blends out on the skin like 'silk'. It gives amazing coverage to the point that I don't even need a concealer to cover any spots or scarring. It lasts amazing on the skin and throughout the day it really stays matte. I have issues with my nose and forehead going really shinny by mid afternoon but when I wore this foundation I didn't need to powder at all (like I usually do with all other foundations). I can't rave enough about this foundation and high recommend that if you have tried and loved the Laura Mercier Silk Creme in the old formula you will equally adore this foundation. I think this is more suitable for an evening look and for people with normal-oil complexions. I apply this using my Zoeva 104 Buffer brush which has a flat head and is very dense so it really works the product into the skin giving a stroke free finish.

infallible three

The Regular Formula is completely different in texture than the Matte. It is a lot more watery and doesn't have as much coverage as the Matte however in saying that it is still a very comfortable and easy to work with. The best way to apply this foundation is with the Real Techniques buffering brush or a make up sponge to give a very natural finish. This foundation is really nice in the winter as it adds a lovely glow to the skin and doesn't cling to any dry patches so I think this would be ideal for dry-normal skin. I do have to use a powder on my forehead and nose but this doesn't worry me too much as it doesn't slide or cake on the face at all.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

February Lush Haul


I can never just 'browse' in Lush as there is always something in there that I want to try/re-try. I made it all January without sitting a foot into the store mainly because I had a lot of Christmas gift sets to get through! However February is an exciting time in Lush with the Valentines and Mothers Day limited edition collections. Having browsed the internet I saw that there are a few bits I wanted to try and going against all my self control I managed to get my hands on a few items that really caught my eye.


Lover Lamp (top left): This is part of the Valentines Day collection which I enjoyed a few days after the 14th of February. It is a bath bomb which I don't recommend cutting in half as you need to enjoy this one in it's full glory. When placed in the bath water it starts to fizz out a white, milky colour with loads of little read hearts. Half way through the bath bomb fizzing three larger red hearts release. The whole bathroom fills with a sweet vanilla scent with a hint of orange chocolate. The hearts are very moisturising which leaves the skin feeling very soft but the scent does not linger which is the only downside to this bath bomb as I wanted the smell to stay on me forever!

Ladybird (bottom left): How cute is this little bubble bar?! It is part of the Mothers Day collection and like most bubble bars you only need use a small portion so I predict to be able to get 3-4 baths out of this. It smells very sweet but with a lovely peppermint undertone which really pleased me as I absolutely love mint.

Flowering Tea (right): This was my husbands pick as he thought this was a Valentine's Day bubble bar as it claims to have petals come out of it. He was highly disappointed to learn that it is actually part of the Mothers Day collection and lost interest in this little guy very quickly. The scent is very floral and you can use this 2-3 times but you will have to wait for the purple petals to come out which I was totally impatient and just used the whole thing! I do think this would of been better for the Valentine's Collection and have red petals come out- but hey maybe next year?!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Chickpea/Gram Flour Base Pizza | Recipe

pizza two

2/3 cup (105g) chickpea (gram) flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup (100ml) filtered water

2 tbsp tomato paste
1 tsp mixed herbs
1/4 tsp crushed garlic
Pinch of salt
2-3 tbsp water

Any of your choice

pizza one

1. Sift the chickpea flour into a bowl, mix in the salt then pour in the water. Mix until well combined

2. In a frying pan, heat a little bit of oil over a medium heat then pour in the batter. Use a spatula to evenly spread the mixture. Once bubbles start appearing and popping then flip to cook the other side. Once both sides are cooked remove the base onto a ovenproof tray

3. To make the sauce: in a small bowl, mix together the tomato paste, water, mixed herbs, garlic and salt.

4. Spread the sauce onto the base and apply any toppings of your choice. I went with smoked salmon, red onion and peppers.

5. Bake in the oven for a few minutes, just until the toppings are browned.

6. Enjoy!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation | Review

magic foundation Happy Valentine's Day! I was going to do a special post to mark the day but I've been so poorly this week I didn't have the strength to take photos to do the post unfortunately. My husband and I were going to go out today but because of the cold and the fact I'm not feeling fantastic we opted for a cosy day in. We have been absolutely obsessed with Making a Murderer which is a Netflix documentary- if you haven't seen it yet I do highly recommend it (but I warn you that it is addictive!). My husband also got me the two new lipstick shades from Charlotte Tilbury- Kiss Chase and Between the Sheets. I will do a post on them very soon but today I want to discuss Charlotte Tilbury's newest foundation launch- Magic Foundation. As you can tell by looking through my blog I am obsessed with the brand Charlotte Tilbury. I think her products are sophisticated, high in quality and the packaging is to die for. She launched the Magic Foundation last year and claims to have worked with laboratories for five years to create a “hyper-intelligent” formula that gives full-coverage yet feels completely weightless, with all the anti-ageing and protective benefits of a luxury skin cream. It conceals imperfections, glides on like a dream, and literally feels like a second skin. Whether your skin needs just a bit of perfecting, or you struggle with a frustrating issue like acne, melasma or rosacea, my Magic Foundation will give you a perfect looking skin day, every day It retails for £29.50. As you can imagine I was so excited to try this as it sounds like to be a holly grail product!


I bought this foundation at the end of summer last year so I have spent a long time testing it. I have the shade Fair 2 but I do think this is too light for me and I should have gone a few shades darker. To get the product out you need just half a pump as I find this amount covers my face perfectly. The texture is creamy with a floral scent which isn't strong and it fades really quickly once applied. When I bought the foundation I actually purchased the Magic Complexion brush as well because the lady at the counter said that it is specially designed to apply this foundation. I found using the brush and the foundation didn't work for me as it was really hard to buff out the brush lines and the foundation just wouldn't work into the skin (if you would like me to do a separate review on the Magic Complexion brush then let me know). So I switched it up and tried the RT buffering brush- which did the same thing as the Magic Complexion brush! and the Zoeva 104 Buffer did a slightly better job but you could still see the product wasn't completely blended and I could see it still sitting on top of the skin. This was starting to really frustrate me and I finally reverted to just applying the foundation with my fingers and this, by far, is the best method to get this on!

So after the trial and error of how to apply the foundation the result of it never blew me away. It wasn't as concealing as I hoped it would be and it didn't help to perfect my skin from scarring or redness. I just found it to even the skin tone out a little and nothing else really. Through out the day is slid around all over my face so I had to be careful at how much I used (with and without primer). It also caked a little around my chin and forehead. I really wanted this is to be a raving review but I just didn't like this foundation at all sadly. I have normal-dry skin so I'm thinking the Light Wonder Foundation maybe a better match for me than this one.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Collection | Review

sugar crush

When I first moved to the UK I rushed into Boots just to get my hands on the Soap & Glory products and I haven't looked back. They are some of the most lovely body washes and body butters I have ever tried. All the scents are incredible but recently I have been gravitating towards the Sugar Crush Collection. Initially I thought this line to be more of a summer scent as it smells like a creamy lime ice cream soda but I have been loving it this winter instead. I think it's because it reminds me of sunny days and being outside.

I do admit that I prefer the body wash over the body butter as the smell can get a little tense using both to the point were it is a little sicking but smelling the body butter in the tub is delicious.

I also recently seen that Soap and Glory now do a scrub and a hand food in the same scent which I am super excited to try out!

Friday, 29 January 2016

The Happiness Guide

the happiness guide

The older I get I find myself stressing about so many things from simple things like travelling to the shops safety to planning my meals for the week. With so many stresses and responsibilities finding things that make me happy are starting to become far and few. So I have piled together a list of 5 simple things that I will incorporate into my day to keep the stress levels down and generally help with overall happiness.

1. Laugh at Yourself There is no point in trying to take yourself so seriously all the time and if you can laugh at yourself the mistakes you make don't become so awful anymore but rather amusing.

2. Make a Plan for your Day If you are finding everything is becoming too much with studying or working then at the start of each day compile a list of smaller tasks to do. That way you stop thinking about everything you have to do but rather manageable tasks that are achievable in each day. I am definitely the type of person who over estimates the amount of time I have and thinks I can do everything to the point when I don't achieve it I believe I have failed. Now I am trying to change this way of thinking and just set myself smaller, urgent goals each day as I have to remember that there are always things that need doing but it's just managing when you can/have to do them.

3. Work Out I am ridiculously lazy when it comes to working out but when I do I can't help but smile at the end of the work out. I love the feeling of moving my body and feel it get stronger. I have been setting myself small goals of going to the gym at least twice a week and it has been cheering myself up a lot as I find that I leave work on time and I have created a more balanced life style for myself.

4. Listen to Music Last year I crashed my car which knocked my confidence so much when it came to driving. I still don't listen to music in the car as I like to fully focus on what I am doing but as I result I haven't been listening to music at all. Music plays a big part of my life so now in the mornings when I am getting ready I play music to just set my mood for the day.

5. Create Hobbies Since finishing school I have struggled to find hobbies to do. At school I did music groups (I played the flute), Netball, loads of different clubs like chess club, knitting club, language club and I would do weekend activities like Saturday sports and volunteering. Now that I have graduated it's not as simple as writing my name on the board for a club and dragging my friends along as there are other commitments that now take up my time. But since I have moved to a new town I have been making an effort to put myself out there. I have gotten back into Netball and I love it! I have also been looking into taking ice staking lessons next month or dance classes with my husband.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Toni&Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask | Review


I have recently been getting my hair cut at Toni&Guy and have been impressed with the results of my hair. Don't get me wrong- to get your hair cut there is super expensive but I found they did a really good job and the process took half the time compared to where I used to get my hair done. The only thing I could fault is that the head and neck massage that they give needs to be longer! For the price they are charging I expected at least a 5 minute head rub but mine last about 30 seconds which was disappointing because past places where I have paid a lot of money they will give me a nice 5 minute head rub.
When I was doing my regular weekly food shop at Tesco I spotted a stand of Toni&Guy products. The shampoo and conditioner they used on me made me hair feel so soft and lovely but my scalp totally disagreed as it caused a outbreak of dandruff (TMI!). However I decided to try their hair mask as I never apply this to my scalp and thought that it will still give me the same results as if I was to use the shampoo and conditioner.


Firstly the smell is gorgeous with it being the typical "hair salon" scent. The texture is thick so I had to really work the product into the ends of my hair. Once worked in (only putting it in the end of my hair and avoiding my roots) I would leave it in for about 1-3 minutes in the shower. Then I would wash off about 90 per cent of the product but leave in some of it because I have very dry hair and need the extra moisture. After washing I will blow dry my hair and as I would do this I did notice my hair feeling super soft but because I have fizzy hair I didn't notice how it tamed it until the next day and it left a lovely result. My hair was wavy with no frizz! When using this product I wouldn't straighten my hair as I loved how it enhanced the natural movement of it. It truly is a lovely product and it really does nourish the hair. I got about 5-6 applications of it and at Tesco it retails for £6.99 which I think is great value for money considering the amazing results.

I would love to try out more hair masks, do you have any recommendations I should try?

Saturday, 23 January 2016

My Weekend Makeup


As you may know from My Winter Makeup | Work Edition post that I love to put my make up on in the morning however I know that it is good to have make up free days to let your skin breathe and relax. Over the weekend I tend to avoid wearing make up during the day but if I am doing something and just want a little "something-something" this is what I use to achieve a natural fresh make up look.

I have recently discovered BB creams and so far it is the best replacement for foundation because it is super light weight, provides a little coverage to even out the skin tone and super easy to apply. I have only tried two BB creams so far- the L'Oreal Nude Magique BB cream (which is nice but didn't stay on the skin for very long) and my new favourite Rimmel BB Cream Matte in the shade light. For a BB this one has a lot of coverage which I love because I have a lot of pigmentation on my skin. I enjoy the matte finish as it is not a cakey finish but it does help to combat any shine. To add a little colour on my cheeks (but still keep things very natural) I use my fingers to pat in the Rimmel Stay Blushed in sun kissed cherry.

For the eyes, cream eyeshadows are perfect for just a wash of colour. My favourite is the Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and on Bronze which is a popular favourite around the blogging community. They last a long time on the lids and I bought mine about two years ago and it still hasn't dried up so it is definitely worth the money! Then a put on a few coats of Clinique High Impact Mascara which gives very fluttery, soft lashes that are very natural looking. Then to finish off the look I like to wear Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Balm in super strawberry because it that gives a lovely tinted berry colour to the lips without the colour looking overwhelming.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Cosy Comforts


Christmas is over and it seems people turn all down and glum in January because it's cold, dark and money tends to be tight. There is nothing worse than feeling trapped inside but I am making the most of it by catching up on my reading. At the moment I've been loving the Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling) series. It is a crime/detective book but I love the way JK Rowling writes as it really places you in the middle of the story to the point that it makes you feel like you are in the room with the characters. So far she has done three books and I'm currently on the second. I'll do a review on it when I have read them all. While reading I love snuggling up in freshly clean PJ's and having a candle burning. I've been really enjoying the Yankee sugared apple candle that I got last year and I really wished I bought the bigger size of this as I can't get enough of it!

I don't want to batter on about how amazing Lush bath bombs/bubble bars are...but they are amazing and I love them in the winter. I promise thats all I'll say about them!

In the colder months it is so easy to just eat chocolate but I am really trying to kick my bad habits. While I am reading a book or watching a TV and I want a snack (which used to be chocolate) I have opting for the Nakd fruit and nut nibbles as it feels like a naughty treat... but it's not.

I hope you are all having a cosy January as well!

Sunday, 17 January 2016

2015 Non-Makeup Favourites

nonmake up

I have to admit narrowing down what to put in this post was hard. I had loads of non-makeup favourites but a lot didn't make the cut because, frankly, they wouldn't fit in the photo. This year I didn't try out a lot of skin care and my routine is still the same as it was when I posted about it in the summer. I am also 100 per cent sure that the Origins clear improvements face mask has featured in my blog one too many times already but it is really one of my favourite masks if my skin is not going through a break out period so it has made it to the top of my list for my favourite skin care item. I am not going to feature many skin care products because I really don't know what is amazing and what isn't because I've never experimented with it but this year I want to ditch buying large amounts of make up and to start looking after my skin. After all, make up looks better when you have a flawless canvas to work with!

Since trying The Body Shop Vitamin E range I have fallen in love. So far I've only tried the moisturises but I cannot be without them. The evening moisturiser is really thick in texture so a little bit goes a long way. It doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky as it sinks in beautifully and in the morning you can really feel the benefits as my skin feels wonderfully soft and smooth. The day moisturiser is quite opposite to the night one as it is very watery in texture but like the evening one it sinks into the skin quickly and I love using this before applying my make up as it helps clear up any dry patches.

My obsession with Lush is forever growing and I just cannot get enough of it. I tend to only take a bath on Sunday to prepare myself for another week but recently (since shopping in the boxing day sale) I have been wanting to take two or three baths a week because I just love the bath bombs. I like to shut out the world, light some candles and pop my iPad onto a chair and just chill out for half an hour. The smell of all the Lush products I've tried are incredible and I have never been disappointed.

When I'm not taking baths I have been loving the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush shower wash and body butter. The smell is like a lime, kiwi, creamy soda. It's nothing I have smelt before and in the morning and always makes me smile at how wonderful the scent is. The amount of product you get is massive and so far is has lasted me 6 months so it is amazing value for money.

2015 was an interesting year full of ups and downs but it's made me strong and prepared for 2016. There are some amazing new brands I want to try and I can't wait to publish them on my blog!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Empties | Part Two

empties one

In the past few months I have been trying to use up products that have been sitting around in my bathroom for months as there is nothing worst than having half used products everywhere. I have been getting into an awful habit of using a shower gel or a face wash just to 'try it out' and never finishing it as I always want to buy more. As you may remember in my New Year's post I want to consume less and actually use products I have. I have now separated my unopened products to my used products and I have banned myself from using my new things until I use up my old things. Perhaps as a result it will stop my shopping addiction!

empties three

Since the New Year I have surprised myself and have finished 6 bottles! As you can see I have a lot of Body Shop products and the first is the RainForest Moisture Hair Butter that claims to be luxuriously rich and intensive deep-conditioning treatment for soft, glossy and tangle-free hair. When I used this I felt like it didn't do anything for my hair and I only got two applications out of the 200ml tub which for £8.00 I think is a little expensive as I have tried hair masks from the pound shop that have worked better than this.

In the summer The Body Shop released a limited edition mojito range that smelt amazing and the body scrub was no exception! I really hope they re-release it again this summer! The scrub wasn't too harsh on the skin and it was lovely as it removed all dead, flakey skin so I had soft and smooth legs and arms.

Finally the honey bubble bath which had been in my bathroom longer than I care to admit (I have looked in store and the website and they don't seem to sell this anymore) but my gosh this was dreamy. It smelt like a sweet honey bath and the bubbles it created were incredible. It also left my skin feeling so soft and very hydrated.

empties two Last year for Christmas I got this lovely Ted Baker body wash. The only issue I had with it is that the gel was so thick that it was so tough to squeeze the product out. But it smelt nice nevertheless but it wasn't anything special.

I am always on the look out for new dry shampoos and when I picked up the Girls Only for Brown and Dark Brown hair from Tesco I had very low expectations as it was super cheap. However this has been absolutely amazing! It smells gorgeous and it really soaks up all the excess oil. I would go as far to say that this has been my favourite dry shampoo so far.

Lastly, I have been really enjoying using the Boots own brand tea tree toner. I just place the cotton pad over a spot and I have noticed when I do this it helps reduce the redness and clears up any infection. I have now re-purchased this again as I can't be without it.

I should expect there will be a few posts like this on my blog this year as it is the best feeling using up a whole bottle!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

My Winter Makeup | Work Edition


I love getting ready for work, it's the one thing that sets my mood for the day. I tend to prepare what makeup I'm going to wear the night before because I hate not evenly using all my products (I have to rotate them and if I don't prepare I find myself in a safety net that I don't want to get out of). I am also daring, even at work, when it comes to lipstick. I feel as long as it is not a green or blue lipstick and I balance the dark, vampy berry with a nude eye then I can get away with it for the office. However in this post I'm going to be talking about products that I do tend to fall back on when I want a makeup look that I know is going to work with anything I'm going to wear and that I don't need to touch up a lot.


I haven't owned the Charlotte Tilbury magic foundation for long but what I can say about it is that I love it for the daytime and especially for the office. It is light weight, high in coverage and gives a healthy glow on the skin. I will be doing a more in-depth review on this foundation in the next few weeks so keep your eye out for that!
I know I keep hammering on about Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution lipsticks but they. are. seriously. soo. good. !! I just can't get enough of them. A good shade to look professional is Bond Girl which I don't nearly use as much as I should. To prep my eye lids I like to use the Maybelline leather effect creme eyeshadow in Creamy Beige which I sometime use on it's own as well when I'm short on time in the morning.


I'm a little cheeky putting this Soap & Glory palette into my post as it was a Christmas limited edition but if you do/can get this I highly recommend as the colours are so pretty ranging from bronzes to berries and browns to creams it's definitely a palette I have been grabbing a lot the past few weeks. The texture of the shadows is lovely and soft, making it easy to blend. There are two matte shades which are perfect blending shades and the glitters are not super glittery that it looks like you are on a rave making it perfect for the daytime and especially for work.
When I'm not blending eyeshadow colours I have been putting Maybelline Creamy Beige all over my lids and tight lining my upper lash line with the Soap & Glory smoulder kohl eyeliner in black which makes my eyes look lovely and big and makes my lashes look thicker than what they are. Again there is no surprise that the Rimmel super curler is in this post as it give such lovely lifted curled lashes without a eyelash curler making getting ready in the morning a little bit quicker. Another quick trick I've been doing is using a creme blusher like the Clinque chubby stick blusher in amp'd up apple. I blend it in with my fingers and it gives a nice warm glow to the cheeks.

There you have it, my little snap shot at the makeup I wear to work. What are some of your favourite products to wear to work?

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