Sunday, 1 November 2015

Trick or Treat | Halloween Special


Halloween is a bit of a love or hate holiday. I have heard all the arguments against it and for it but I approach the day like Christmas or Easter - it's just a little bit of fun! I was raised a Catholic but now I don't really follow any religion (not out of spite but just pure laziness (if I'm being totally honest)). I had so much fun carving my pumpkins this year. I did the pumpkin with the toothpicks as teeth and my husband did the pumpkin with the big evil grin. From a distance the spiders on the cobwebs actually look alive which scared me a few times when I was arranging the display!


I didn't have any amazing plans for Halloween as I was more excited this year having trick or treaters come to my door. The outfits the kids had where amazing! I had witches, zombies and even Harry Potter! I got so many trick or treaters I had ruffle in my cupboard for something to give the kids as I had run out of supplies! I also wanted to join the fun and dressed up as a not-so-scary Halloween cat with my glittery ears I bought a few years ago from New Look. I am sad to say that one of the ears has now fallen off as it got caught in my hair *sniff*



We stopped having visitors to our door at about 8:30pm and decided to put a horror movie on. We watched Poltergeist and I am a real chicken when it comes to movies but this film just made me laugh.

I hope you all had an amazing Halloween! It's now definitely one step closer to Christmas now!

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