Sunday, 4 October 2015

Primark Autumn Hat


Anyone watch the England vs Australia rugby game last night? So disappointing England got knocked out! I'm not usually one for rugby but since moving to the UK from New Zealand I'm immensely proud that little old New Zealand has the best team in the world. I have been watching all the All Black games and because my husband is English I equally have been watching the England games as well. Who will be in the finals will be interesting! However rugby isn't the focus of this post but rather all things Autumn! While I like summer I do miss wearing berry lipsticks, boots with cute socks, hot chocolates, seamy baths, cosy slippers and furry coats. I have noticed all the shops have started bringing in all their Autumn/Winter collections and it looks amazing. I am a little apprehensive about the 70's trend but having seen the high street putting a modern edge to it I can really see myself branching out and purchasing a burnt orange mini skirt! While doing my research into the new trends I stepped into my local Primark and saw these two super adorable hats. I know Topshop did a similar style last year but the shape didn't really suit me and found it tight around my head (plus it was triple the price of the Primark ones!). I love the knit pattern on this hat and it's so easy to just throw it on. It is not loose or tight on the head and I have noticed it doesn't give me crazy hat hair either which is an amazing bonus!

There are only two colours in my Primark store which was a beige and grey however I really couldn't pick between the two so I obviously got both. These hats don't break the bank either being only £3.00 each-bargin! The bobble on the top of the hat doesn't malt which is great as it has really kept it's fluffy shape.

If you like the look of these I would quickly head down to Primark as soon as you can because there weren't many left when I got mine!

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