Thursday, 17 September 2015

Origins Trio

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I haven't been the best with skincare. I never used skin products as a teenager and when I started wearing makeup I only used face wipes (I hear a lot of you gasp!). I do get get spots every now and again but I wouldn't say I have ever had an acne problem. However now I am 25 and I want to start taking better care of my skin. For Christmas I asked for this Origins Trio set and it really has helped improve my complexion more than I ever dreamed of. I have no idea what kind of skin type I have but I will make an educated guess that it is dry-normal. I get really dry cheeks and forehead but during the day I notice a little bit of a shine on my nose and chin but it's nothing that a little powder can't fix.

You might remember My Evening Skin Care Routine post where I gravitated towards cheaper brands. In terms of purchasing facials I thought I would try something a little higher end because I only use them once a week thus feeling like better value for money. I like to target each area of my face with each of the facials and I have found this has given me the best results.

origins two

I love the smell of the Out of Trouble mask. It is a thick cream that smells strongly of eucalypts. When putting the facial on problem areas it gives a tingly feeling like it's killing off all the bacteria under the spot. I only apply a thin layer on my chin because this is the area I break out the most. The bottle suggests you keep it on for 10 minutes however I tend to leave it on about 5 minutes longer just to allow the product to sink into the skin more. Once I have removed the facial it really does leave the area feeling incredibly clean and I have noticed it clears up blemishes faster.

For the rest of my face I use Clear Improvement which claims to clear pores. It is a dark grey colour and a thin water like texture. I apply a good layer of this all over my nose, cheeks and forehead. When drying you can feel the mask tightening on the skin but the feeling isn't uncomfortable. It does require a lot of effort taking the mask off but I suppose its due to the mask really getting into your pores. The skin afterwards feels like it has been deeply cleansed but you need to follow up with a thick moisturiser as the facial is drying.

To help bring back some moisture I follow up with the Drink Up-Intensive mask. It is a completely clear mask and you are meant to leave it on your skin over night. It's not like a moisturiser where it melts into the skin instead it leaves the skin feeling tacky and sticky so if you hate this feeling I wouldn't recommended leaving it on over night. However if you do leave it on over night in the morning you can really feel your skin is a lot more plump, soft and fresh. I do like to cleanse in the morning just to make sure I don't have any product left over on my skin.

While this set was released for Christmas you can get the Origins Essentials Only set from boots. I'm hoping they release another Christmas set as I have really been enjoying using this.

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