Sunday, 13 September 2015

My Travel Makeup Bag

travel makeup one

I have not blogged in what seems like forever. Moving house is amazing but it has it's set backs. The biggest issue I have at the moment is having absolutely no internet. I am lucky enough that today I have visited my in laws so I can get a cheeky post up for you. I am still not sure when the internet will be connected in the house but I hope you enjoy this post in the meantime!

Along with the having no internet, I was living out of a suit case for the first few weeks. I had the difficult task of narrowing a few essentials into a make up bag while the rest of my collection went into boxes (my heart broke when I had to box it all up). I am aware that I forgot to add a lipstick to the photo because I usually leave them in my handbag whoops but here is what I have been putting on my face everyday for the pass few weeks.

travel makeup two

I narrowed down my brushes to four. My Zoeva buffer brush for foundation, two Zoeva eye brushes - one for packing on the shadow and the other for blending out the cease and a RT powder brush. I have also been loving my sample of the Laura Mercier primer that I apply on my chin and nose before foundation and my Urban Decay potion primer to keep my shadow crease free throughout the day.

My Instant Anti-Age Eraser Eye from Maybelline has been a dream these past few weeks. It just brightens up everything under the eye. However I wished I did put a heavy concealer in my make up bag as well for days where I have really dark circles as this doesn't completely cover those.

travel make up three

I've been trying to use up my Chanel bronzer but I have equally been really enjoying the finish of it as it leaves a lovely matte warm effect on the skin. To keep the shine away I have been using the Soap and Glory- one heck of a bloat powder which is finely milled so it's super light on the skin and doesn't cake at all. I have been loving my mascara combo of the Max Factor False Lash Effect to add volume and L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes to add length. The two together give a extremely full and long lash effect. My go to blush is the Max Factor creme blush in seductive pink that is a soft subtle shade of pink on the cheeks.

travel makeup four

Since buying the Urban Decay Naked Smoky eyeshadow palette it's the only thing I have been using on my eye lids. There are so many looks you can do with this from soft day time looks to extreme smoky looks for night time. It's simply amazing! I also have been using my favourite foundation- Urban Decay Naked Foundation in shade 3.5 which is the most perfect match of foundation I have ever owned. It's really light on the skin, has a matte finish and provides loads of coverage so you don't need a concealer.

It's amazing how little make up you need but in saying that I have been really missing having my choices. Can't wait to get my vanity table all set up again in the new house!


  1. These are all so great to keep in a travel bag! I cannot live without taking a bronzer with me!

    1. Bronzer is the best invention of make up!! xx



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