Sunday, 27 September 2015

Lush Haul

lush one

Since the flagship store in Oxford street opened up I have been dying to try all the new products. One weekend I was causally in my local lush store and saw they had some of them! I may have spent more than I wanted to in the store but all the products are so lovely plus it's now autumn so it is definitely bath season again!

lush three

The Exprimenter (left)

This bath bomb really caught my eye with it's bright colours and the usual shape. When I dropped this into the bath it gives me quite a show as all the colours swirl in the bath giving an amazing rainbow effect and lush have also put popping candy in this bath bomb which instantly made me smile. The scent has a smoothing floral note which frankly just smells exactly like the lush shop.

Frozen (right)

To be honest I got this bath bomb purely for the name as I'm a huge lover of the film! It has a very fresh scent so when I closed my eyes in the bath I felt like I was sitting in a hot tub up in the snowy mountains. When I placed this bath bomb into the water it simply fizzed away to and left my bath a beautiful winter blue.

lush two

Milky Bath (left)

I love the lush bubble bars! Unlike the bath bombs these can cut these into smaller pieces so you can use them for many baths. Milky Bath contains uplifting orange oil and skimmed milk to treat your skin to a dose of happiness. I haven't used this one yet but it sounds perfect after a long day at work to really relax before bed as it will calm the mind and soften the skin-plus it's super cute!

Karma (right)

Lush have recently reformulated a few of their permanent bubble bars. I recall Karma used to be a oval shape and orange. This bubble bar is the the best to help me relax with it's lavender scent but still up lifting with the orange zest.

lush four

Yuzu and Cocoa (left)

This is my favourite scented product. I love how it smells like coconut and shea butter. I can see this being perfect for cold, rainy winter day as it will just make me feel instantly warm inside. Again this is a bubble bar so you can easily split this in half (or more!).

Yoga Bomb (right)

This bath bomb has a orange scent which reminds me of Christmas (too early?!). I read online that when you place this in the bath it turns the bath water from a orange to a purple and finally a turquoise- I can't wait to try this!

I am totally loving the new products! I'm equally excited for the Halloween and Christmas collection which will be coming very soon!


  1. These all look so great! I actually rarely take baths (I'm a shower kinda girl, always on the run, sadly!) but I've been so tempted to start taking them because of how awesome Lush products are haha!


    1. I really do recommend giving a bath ago! There is nothing better than a lovely soak on a Sunday evening :)




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