Friday, 14 August 2015

The Body Shop | The Banana Shampoo and Conditioner


I am on a mission- a mission to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner for my long, thick, dry and fizzy hair which is prone to dandruff. Some of you may remember my Empties Part One post where I did a mini review on the Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo. I would continue to buy anti dandruff shampoos but to be honest there isn't a lot of choice out there. I haven't even really noticed a huge difference when I use a anti dandruff shampoo to when I don't use one either so I like to keep an open mind to all ranges of hair products.


The Body Shop Banana range has always been something I wanted to try as a few years ago there was a huge hype around it. People raved about the smell but I'm not so keen on the shampoo as it doesn't really smell like bananas to me but the conditioner has a really strong banana smell.

The actual shampoo is a thick yellow texture which reflects the 'banana' notion. I looked at the ingredients and there is banana in it but it doesn't specify how much but if anyone knows please share! It doesn't lather the best but enough to be able to work the product into the hair. It feels really soothing on the scalp and it did help my dry skin quite well considering it wasn't a anti dandruff shampoo. However I am going to contradict myself and say it did dry my actual hair out because found my hair to be more frizzy than normal. But I can cure the fizzy factor with a good conditioner so that doesn't bother me. However due to the size of the bottle I think I will need to re-purchase it to truly test out whether it will keep my dandruff at bay.


The conditioner, like the shampoo, is a banana colour which is thick in texture. It smells so strong of sweet fake banana but I actually quite like it. I needed to use a lot of this stuff in order to feel like there was any conditioner in my hair and sadly didn't find it gave me the moisture I need anyway to combat my long, thick hair. It also made my hair smell strongly like bananas for a few days afterwards which isn't awful but not great when trying to wear perfume. This wasn't my favourite conditioner I have used and it is unlikely I will re-puchase as you don't get a lot of product in the bottle and you need a lot to feel like it's doing something.

What shampoo and conditioner recommendations do you have?


  1. I've never heard of banana shampoo and conditioner! I have really sensitive skin and some shampoo's especially give me a really sore scalp, however The Body Shop products are usually amazing for my skin so I will have to pick it up! :)
    Oh, and I love the smell of fake banana too!
    - Molly x

    1. I do recommend you give it ago! especially when the body shop do so many good deals! Let me know if you enjoy it! :)

      Jacynta xx



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