Friday, 7 August 2015

Peacocks Haul

peacocks one

I've been needing new clothes for awhile but I just never see anything that I liked. In my old age I've found it hard to decide what style I want to go for as I know I'm too old for some things and too young for others. I ended up being lost in stores and coming away with nothing as I didn't know what I should wear and what I felt comfortable wearing. I decided to take a step back from the shops and do a little research to find someone who was a similar age to me and wore things I could see myself in. I found myself gravitating towards Anna and Lily Pebbles style. I love how they wear very basic items and to create more interest by using jewellery and add colour through their lipstick. However I didn't have the bank balance to be buying from Whistles so I opted for a cheaper store- Peacocks.

It's not the most popular store in the blogging world but they do have quite a few cute pieces if you look hard enough and at amazing affordable prices!

peacocks three

The basics
I love wearing basic t-shirts in the weekend and these two caught my eye. Not only are they super cheap at £8.00 each but I love how they dip at the back, slightly over sized and v-necked. These look so nice with my Jamie ripped skinny jeans from Topshop and if you are confident with your legs (which I'm sadly not) they will look super cute with shorts. They are made form polyester which isn't the best for hot days but it does mean you can dress these guys up with black skinny's and heels as the material has a slight shine to it.

peacock four

The work blouses
I am still getting used to having to wear office clothing Monday-Friday and noticed my wardrobe was lacking tops. I firstly got the Cream Square Texture Blouse which is very see through but fine with a tank top underneath. It looks perfect tucked into a pencil skirt as the checks adds a little something different to a ordinary black and white outfit. The next top I got was the Sleeveless Roll Neck Top which is my absolutely favourite item out of this whole haul! The roll neck looks fantastic with a statement necklace and the top drapes nicely down with the back covering your bum so you can get away with wearing thick leggings with. I have a feeling this is going to be my go-to top for the next few months!

peacock five

If anyone reading this knows me in real life then you will know how much I bang on about how short dresses are! I am quite tall at 5"8 so finding a dress which doesn't look like a long top is hard. The Crepe Dip Back Dress is what I was looking for in a summer dress. It's black which I think makes it more work appropriate but it's so loose that it will hide any food baby you may have! I also got the Georgette Shirt Dress which reminds of a Topshop dress I saw a few months back but a fraction of the price! I have to admit it is a little short in the front so I do feel more comfortable wearing tights with this one but it's longer at the back so I can get away with wearing no tights. It has a 70's influence to it but not too 70's which makes you feel like you are dressed up for a costume party.

I am so pleased with all the finds! I will definitely be shopping at Peacocks more often!

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