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Guest Post from Novellette

I am very pleased to introduce Emily from Novelette! She's guest blogging for me today as I also had the honour of guest blogging on her blog - see here. I want to thank Emily for taking the time to post on my blog and talk about one of my favourite things - lipsticks!

Hey everyone! I’m Emily, aka Novellette, from the Canadian lifestyle and writing blog Novellette. Recently Jacynta was a fabulous featured blogger on my blog and she was kind enough to extend the offer back to me. I am very excited to be talking to you all today about one of my favourite things: lipstick.

Yes, it is true I am a bit of a lipstick addict. While some people never leave the house without mascara, rarely a day passes without me grabbing one of my favourite bright coloured beauties. So inevitably I go through a lot and love trying new brands!


I was in the department store with a friend not long ago and she being a blusher fan as her number one makeup of choice, asked me if high end makeup, lipstick particularly, was really worth the buy or if great drugstore brands are just as good? And instantly, BAM! I had a challenge set before me. Well, challenge accepted!

Now the hunt was on for two products that were virtually identical in every aspect of colour: one drugstore and one high end. I started out with one of my favourite drugstore brands, Covergirl in the colours 325 Spellbound and 405 Fairytale and decided on Yves-Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine colours 28 and 12, as my competitor high end brand which were great matches.

From the exterior alone, the companies share little in common in colour palette design but similarities can be found. Both are sleek and simple and provide a close colour swatch to their inside product. Nothing is worse than buying a lipstick where the swatch proves to be too far off base for your liking. Thankfully, this is where testers come in handy.

Preferably, my eye instantly notices the YSL tube first about 9/10 times. The gold immediately catches your eye, as is the company’s intention. However, I have learned the hard way with other products never to be fooled by packaging. It is the inside that counts first and foremost.


Now for the actual test. The shape of the Covergirl lipstick is in the more traditional style. The end is cut in the large tear drop style, slightly bigger than the size of the average lip. The YSL, similar to other high end brands, take a different approach. The lip colour is cut is a smaller more square end which is more accurately the size of your lip. Does it make a difference? I would say yes. The YSL style tends to stay in shape longer and is way easier to apply, especially if you’re in a rush or you don’t have a mirror. Inevitably this happens to me more than I’d like, haha!

Spending the day with each one without reapplications, there are clear positives and benefits. Let’s start with Covergirl. The texture of this lipstick is smooth and goes on with little resistance or feeling of tugging. There is no doubt in it’s lasting ability. The colour is bright and vibrant with a slight shine, needing only one application for an entire 9 hour school or work day. Even through eating and drinking throughout the day, there is no need to reapply. A bonus if you ever forget your makeup bag! In fact, getting it off can often be a struggle. A normal swipe of Kleenex or tissue will not be enough to remove it and you might have to ensure you wipe your lips quite well when you wash your face.

The lipstick is moisturizing and never felt sticky to me as the day progressed. Even in varying temperatures from cold to hot, there was little change in the consistency. The smell of the product is not my favourite. There is a rather potent chemical type smell, but only if you were to sniff it while in the tube. On your lips, there is absolutely no scent to reach your nose at all. Bonus, there!


Onto YSL! This was my first time using the YSL brand though I have been dying to for some while. Texture wise, the YSL is very similar to other high end brands, such as Chanel, that I have tried. There is a natural smoothness in texture when they go on, and are very butter-like in feel and consistency giving great hydration. It is very creamy and immediately feels comfortable. The colour is intense, not as pigmented as Covergirl once it is on, but gives a rich colour after two swipes. The slight shimmer is perfect for transitioning to night, but you will have to reapply this colour. Though the colour is able to hold its own, constant eating and drinking will slowly wear it away. It will grow lighter and lighter on your lips until it is finally gone and you’ll need to reapply.

There is even an added high gloss feel which makes it seem a hybrid between lip gloss and lipstick. So if you’re the type of person who puts a lipgloss over their lipstick, you probably won’t need to do that with this one. Unlike Covergirl, the scent is probably one of the best I have ever encountered for lipstick. They give off a florally, fruity perfume which is reminiscent of a great fruit shampoo. That in itself was a great feature when selecting one of YSL’s products in the store.


Now, to the numbers. There is no doubt that high end makeup is priced higher than drugstore brands. In this instance, here is how each brand stacks up financially with the products I purchased. As I am Canadian, I converted the amount to pounds which gives an estimate of the difference between British and Canadian currency.

325 Spellbound: $6.99 (£3.42) 405 Fairytale: $6.99 (£3.42) = $13.98 (£6.48) without taxes

Rouge Volupté Shine 28: $36.00 (£17.61) Rouge Volupté Shine 12: $36.00 (£17.61) = $72.00 (£35.22) without taxes

Grand Total: $85.89 (£41.70) without taxes

So what’s the outcome of my challenge? It’s all about weighing the pros and the cons. The truth is, you can get a product similar to a high end brand like YSL at the drugstore. If you don’t like to break your bank, then I would say Covergirl is a great product and well worth your money for a good quality lipstick that does what lipstick is supposed to do really well: provide long lasting colour with good quality texture. In that case, make YSL your treat makeup and Covergirl your go to on-the-go product.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending a little more on your makeup, absolutely give YSL a try. It is an amazing find! You won’t regret spending a little more on this makeup product one bit and as far as high end brands go, this is definitely going to be hard to beat! It’s made it’s way to the top of my new favourites list for sure.

No matter if you’re a fan of drugstore or high end brands, I hope I gave you a glimpse at the other side and an example of the differences you can find with colour matched lipsticks. And in any case, if you ever have the unfortunate task of finding a lipstick after they discontinue a favourite of yours, the variety of colours in both brands will guarantee you’re bound to find a match.

Before I head out, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Jacynta for having me. It’s been a blast being able to work together and you’ve been absolutely lovely the entire time. I hope to see you all out in the blogosphere! Make sure to say hello :)

xo Novellette

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