Monday, 24 August 2015

Fleur De Force By Eylure | Couture Fleur

fleur one

Bloggers across the UK have been doing amazing things lately. I have to admit I haven't been interested in any of the products they bring out (mainly their book releases) however when I found out Fleur De Force was releasing an eyelash range this sparked my attention. Fleur is one of the main bloggers I can relate to. Perhaps it's because she's a similar age to me and we have similar interests and tastes - nevertheless her reviews and opinions on products I completely trust. She, in my mind, is a genuine blogger who doesn't stray from her true opinions. I knew her lashes will be high quality plus she teamed up with Eylure - what a perfect combo! I decided to try the Couture Fleur as I thought these would be perfect for the daytime and especially for work. They retail at £6.95 which is amazing value because you can get so many uses out of these.

fleur two

I have never worn individual eye lashes before and it took a few goes before I could get them on. I found it easier to start in the middle of your lash line and work your way outwards from there. The lashes come with glue and lash remover. The glue is clear and actually really good! I have worn my lashes for three days now and they still look perfect. I really do think they will last a month if you take care of them by not rubbing your eyes, wearing no eye makeup (getting ready in the morning is so much faster now!) and avoiding oil based make up remover. They also look really natural which is what I like in lashes but you can build them out for a more dramatic look if you want as well.

fleur three

Here I'm wearing four medium clusters and a small one towards the inner part of my eye. If you look closely you can see I'm wearing falses but considering I didn't get them put on professionally I think they look really nice!

I would love to try Fleur Loves Lashes next as these would look amazing for a night out!


  1. Oh wow these are super natural! I didn't even notice you were wearing falsies!

    1. They are incredible! I will definitely be re-purchasing! xxx



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