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Book Review: The Hundred Year Old Man by Jones Jonasson | Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell

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Next week is a really exciting week for me as we are moving into our first house! I'm not sure how the internet situation is going to be for the next few weeks so I may not have any content up but I'm going to try but if not thats why! Along with moving excitement I have been really loving reading and I am so happy now that university is over I can start getting back into books. I've also seen that a lot of bloggers have been doing book reviews which inspired me to write this one.

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The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jones Jonasson

I picked this book up when I was doing the GDL which is a year and a half ago. I read a part of it, got busy with exams and never returned to it. When I picked it up again about a month ago I had forgotten how much I loved reading this! The main character Allan Karlsson is a hundred year old man whose life is just full of adventures. I pictured him to be exactly like my Grandfather (who is funnily called Allan as well) which made reading this so much more pleasurable.

The author, Jones Jonasson, writes chapters in the present day as well as chapters in Allan's past. He takes us through historical moments like when the Amercian's created the atomic bomb, China being ruled by Mao Tse-tung and Stalin ruling Russia but in a quirky way. He does not turn these events into jokes but just takes a playful approach on them by using Allan Karlsson.

Once you learn more about Allan's life the more you understand why he climbed out of this window in the old people's home and decided to go on another adventure. The whole book is a journey that comes together nicely at the end which makes you feel so good when you turn that last page. If you want a good, light hearted read with a few giggles I would consider picking up this book. It is also a movie now (which I haven't seen yet) so there is that option as well.

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Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell

Don't get put off by the fact this book is from George Orwell! It's completely different from 1984 (which I personally hated) and Animal Farm (which I thought was better than 1984) but still has a dark undertone. The main character reflects the time in George Orwell's life when he was a young writer struggling financially. He writes about true struggles of poverty when he lived in London and in Paris. There is an interesting chapter in the book where he reflects his time as a plongeur - dishwasher where he just worked and slept and questions the point of life when this is all of your life. You really do feel sorry for the guy as he is educated but just hasn't gotten lucky with work.

When the narrator moves to London (his homeland) you feel hopeful for him but alas things don't go well either and it almost seems as worse as when he was in Paris. He also discusses ways to break the tramp system which is also interesting as in this era have done similar things he suggested for the disadvantaged. But the whole story reminded me how lucky I was to be living in 2015 and to have a roof over my head and food in my belly. It makes me put everything into perspective that things could have been a lot worse and I should reflect more on the things I have rather than I things I don't have.

I love how reading can make you think and feel different things. I'm really looking forward to starting my next book! What have you been reading?

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