Saturday, 22 August 2015

Adult Colouring Book

cat colouring one

I usually post on a Tuesday, Friday and Sunday but I completely forgot to post on Friday so you have a Saturday post instead. I have been completely out of routine as of late and I absolutely hate it. I am a creature of habit so when I don't keep to a weekly schedule it freaks me out. As you may know I am moving house. We should of completed two weeks ago but things have been dragging out. With this means I have been living in a small space surrounded by boxes. Sadly I also packed away my gym clothes so I haven't been to the gym in two weeks either (when you have an office job the gym really helps keep the body feeling good). So things aren't the way I like them at the moment. I am really hoping we move next week. I have so many ideas for the new house and I really just want to get started! So with all my things packed away in boxes I found myself being bored in the weekends and evenings. I have recently seen a lot of people getting into 'adult colouring books' and I just had to jump onto the band wagon. If you don't know, I am cat obsessed so when I saw a cat themed colouring book I knew I just had to get it. You can get loads of styles and themes from any bookshop but I found Sainsbury's had the best range. Mine cost £4.99 which is a little steep in my opinion (some are £10 which is a little crazy!) but the paper is really thick and the designs are really detailed so it's way more interesting than the colouring books I remember doing as a kid.

cat colouring two

I have found that it really has helped with stress. When I get in from work I like to pull this out while watching TV and I just find that it soothes the stresses of the day and makes me happy seeing all the colours together. I find my mind just relaxes and I can sleep a lot better at night when I have done some colouring before bed. I have become addictive to it. As I said before the pages are really thick so if you are using felt tip pens it doesn't show on the other side. I would consider picking your colouring tools wisely as some of the designs require a really thin nib pen otherwise it's impossible to stay in the lines.

I'm not the best at colouring but it's not about how skilled you are. It's just fun to take yourself back to childhood sometimes and not have to think about anything other than trying to stay in the lines. There are so many different kinds of colouring books out there I'm sure you will find one that interests you.

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