Monday, 24 August 2015

Fleur De Force By Eylure | Couture Fleur

fleur one

Bloggers across the UK have been doing amazing things lately. I have to admit I haven't been interested in any of the products they bring out (mainly their book releases) however when I found out Fleur De Force was releasing an eyelash range this sparked my attention. Fleur is one of the main bloggers I can relate to. Perhaps it's because she's a similar age to me and we have similar interests and tastes - nevertheless her reviews and opinions on products I completely trust. She, in my mind, is a genuine blogger who doesn't stray from her true opinions. I knew her lashes will be high quality plus she teamed up with Eylure - what a perfect combo! I decided to try the Couture Fleur as I thought these would be perfect for the daytime and especially for work. They retail at £6.95 which is amazing value because you can get so many uses out of these.

fleur two

I have never worn individual eye lashes before and it took a few goes before I could get them on. I found it easier to start in the middle of your lash line and work your way outwards from there. The lashes come with glue and lash remover. The glue is clear and actually really good! I have worn my lashes for three days now and they still look perfect. I really do think they will last a month if you take care of them by not rubbing your eyes, wearing no eye makeup (getting ready in the morning is so much faster now!) and avoiding oil based make up remover. They also look really natural which is what I like in lashes but you can build them out for a more dramatic look if you want as well.

fleur three

Here I'm wearing four medium clusters and a small one towards the inner part of my eye. If you look closely you can see I'm wearing falses but considering I didn't get them put on professionally I think they look really nice!

I would love to try Fleur Loves Lashes next as these would look amazing for a night out!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Adult Colouring Book

cat colouring one

I usually post on a Tuesday, Friday and Sunday but I completely forgot to post on Friday so you have a Saturday post instead. I have been completely out of routine as of late and I absolutely hate it. I am a creature of habit so when I don't keep to a weekly schedule it freaks me out. As you may know I am moving house. We should of completed two weeks ago but things have been dragging out. With this means I have been living in a small space surrounded by boxes. Sadly I also packed away my gym clothes so I haven't been to the gym in two weeks either (when you have an office job the gym really helps keep the body feeling good). So things aren't the way I like them at the moment. I am really hoping we move next week. I have so many ideas for the new house and I really just want to get started! So with all my things packed away in boxes I found myself being bored in the weekends and evenings. I have recently seen a lot of people getting into 'adult colouring books' and I just had to jump onto the band wagon. If you don't know, I am cat obsessed so when I saw a cat themed colouring book I knew I just had to get it. You can get loads of styles and themes from any bookshop but I found Sainsbury's had the best range. Mine cost £4.99 which is a little steep in my opinion (some are £10 which is a little crazy!) but the paper is really thick and the designs are really detailed so it's way more interesting than the colouring books I remember doing as a kid.

cat colouring two

I have found that it really has helped with stress. When I get in from work I like to pull this out while watching TV and I just find that it soothes the stresses of the day and makes me happy seeing all the colours together. I find my mind just relaxes and I can sleep a lot better at night when I have done some colouring before bed. I have become addictive to it. As I said before the pages are really thick so if you are using felt tip pens it doesn't show on the other side. I would consider picking your colouring tools wisely as some of the designs require a really thin nib pen otherwise it's impossible to stay in the lines.

I'm not the best at colouring but it's not about how skilled you are. It's just fun to take yourself back to childhood sometimes and not have to think about anything other than trying to stay in the lines. There are so many different kinds of colouring books out there I'm sure you will find one that interests you.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Urban Decay | Smoky Palette

urban decay one

I going to start this post with a big statement- this palette is my absolute favourite Urban Decay palette! I was one of those crazy people who at the crack of 9am on the online release day was hastily refreshing the website so I can get my hands on this palette. It was so worth it though! Firstly the packaging is the best out of the four. It is so mysterious with the 'smoky' effects yet it is not tacky in the slightest. Like all the other palette's it retails for £38.00 but you get 12 shades which is amazing value for money. It was shipped to me in really good packaging so the shadows didn't crack or break at all.

urban decay three

In the palette you have five shimmer shades (left to right) - High, Dirtysweet, Radar, Armor and Slanted, three satin shades - Dagger, Black Market, Smolder and four matte shades - Password, Whiskey, Combust, Thirteen. I have to say I will absolutely use all the shades in the palette. I even love the blue and purple ones as they are totally wearable. I can see myself doing a blue and purple smoky look in the winter.

urabn decay two

I have done a few looks with the palette and what is even more helpful is that they provide you instructions on a few looks you can do but I'm sure YouTube will be over run with make up tutorial using this shortly.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Charlotte Tilbury | limited edition | Norman Parkinson lipsticks

CT one

I am so weak when it comes to lipsticks, especially Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution lipsticks. I have had my eye on the new limited edition Norman Parkinson collection for awhile. At first I talked myself out of getting anything but having now owned two matte revolution lipsticks from her core collection and discovering how much I love them I knew I would kick myself if the two limited edition ones went out of stock - that thought panicked me! So I hastily made a Selfridge's online order, paid the next day delivery (because I am super impatient) and these beautiful things arrived on my door step. Firstly, the packaging is the same as her core range apart from the sticker on the bottom of the lipstick is white with rose gold font rather than her signature brown. It smells the same as as her other matte revolution lipsticks which is a subtle vanilla scent and the product is in her classic rose gold bullet.

CT three

1975 Red £23.00

I wasn't sure if this was going to suit me initially but I'm glad I went with my gut because it is stunning. The mix of red and orange tones is perfect. It is a lovely sophisticated orange-red which can be applied directly from the bullet. It doesn't bleed and the lasting power is incredible! I had applied it at 7:30am and I didn't touch it up once until after lunch and it was still evenly on my lips! It didn't fade in the liner lip nor did it gather weirdly around my mouth. I was so surprised as I have this issue with a lot of other lipsticks in my collection.

CT two

Miss Kensington £23.00

I have been hunting for the perfect nude and I think the hunt is over. This is amazing, again like 1795 it doesn't fade weirdly or gather weirdly. It has a creamy texture but a matte finish (like all her matte revolution lipsticks). It doesn't last as long as 1795 but that is expected from a nude. The pink tones in it are not too pink yet it isn't too nude either as it doesn't wash me out and looks so great with a smoky eye.

I am so glad I got my hands on these two lipsticks. I can't wait to pick up more shades from her range because I so absolutely hooked!

Friday, 14 August 2015

The Body Shop | The Banana Shampoo and Conditioner


I am on a mission- a mission to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner for my long, thick, dry and fizzy hair which is prone to dandruff. Some of you may remember my Empties Part One post where I did a mini review on the Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo. I would continue to buy anti dandruff shampoos but to be honest there isn't a lot of choice out there. I haven't even really noticed a huge difference when I use a anti dandruff shampoo to when I don't use one either so I like to keep an open mind to all ranges of hair products.


The Body Shop Banana range has always been something I wanted to try as a few years ago there was a huge hype around it. People raved about the smell but I'm not so keen on the shampoo as it doesn't really smell like bananas to me but the conditioner has a really strong banana smell.

The actual shampoo is a thick yellow texture which reflects the 'banana' notion. I looked at the ingredients and there is banana in it but it doesn't specify how much but if anyone knows please share! It doesn't lather the best but enough to be able to work the product into the hair. It feels really soothing on the scalp and it did help my dry skin quite well considering it wasn't a anti dandruff shampoo. However I am going to contradict myself and say it did dry my actual hair out because found my hair to be more frizzy than normal. But I can cure the fizzy factor with a good conditioner so that doesn't bother me. However due to the size of the bottle I think I will need to re-purchase it to truly test out whether it will keep my dandruff at bay.


The conditioner, like the shampoo, is a banana colour which is thick in texture. It smells so strong of sweet fake banana but I actually quite like it. I needed to use a lot of this stuff in order to feel like there was any conditioner in my hair and sadly didn't find it gave me the moisture I need anyway to combat my long, thick hair. It also made my hair smell strongly like bananas for a few days afterwards which isn't awful but not great when trying to wear perfume. This wasn't my favourite conditioner I have used and it is unlikely I will re-puchase as you don't get a lot of product in the bottle and you need a lot to feel like it's doing something.

What shampoo and conditioner recommendations do you have?

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My thoughts on sharing my life on the internet

good morning part one

As I was preparing posts for this month I had dedicated this week to "wedding week" where I wanted to discuss how I planned my wedding to what I wore and how my ceremony and reception looked. I uploaded key wedding photos and had the posts ready to go but I was hesitant. How much do I really want to share on the internet? My wedding day is one of the most important and special days of my life and putting it up on the internet made me think I am giving strangers a chance to judge my wedding. There are so many lovely, amazing people on the internet but with that there are equally nasty, mean trolls who pick apart everything you put out there. This is a scary place we love so much! We tell kids to be careful but are we, as bloggers, careful enough?

Would I pour my heart out as freely to a stranger on the street than I would over the internet- unlikely not. Yet blogging and sharing my thoughts and aspirations is amazing because it means I am meeting the best people who have all the same interests as me and I don't think I would of been able to do so the real world

I have a self titled blog so you can guess privacy isn't a huge issue with me but I do have my limits and posting about my wedding just was something I couldn't bring myself to do. How much information do you feel comfortable sharing on the internet?

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Book Review: The Hundred Year Old Man by Jones Jonasson | Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell

bookreview one

Next week is a really exciting week for me as we are moving into our first house! I'm not sure how the internet situation is going to be for the next few weeks so I may not have any content up but I'm going to try but if not thats why! Along with moving excitement I have been really loving reading and I am so happy now that university is over I can start getting back into books. I've also seen that a lot of bloggers have been doing book reviews which inspired me to write this one.

bookreview three

The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jones Jonasson

I picked this book up when I was doing the GDL which is a year and a half ago. I read a part of it, got busy with exams and never returned to it. When I picked it up again about a month ago I had forgotten how much I loved reading this! The main character Allan Karlsson is a hundred year old man whose life is just full of adventures. I pictured him to be exactly like my Grandfather (who is funnily called Allan as well) which made reading this so much more pleasurable.

The author, Jones Jonasson, writes chapters in the present day as well as chapters in Allan's past. He takes us through historical moments like when the Amercian's created the atomic bomb, China being ruled by Mao Tse-tung and Stalin ruling Russia but in a quirky way. He does not turn these events into jokes but just takes a playful approach on them by using Allan Karlsson.

Once you learn more about Allan's life the more you understand why he climbed out of this window in the old people's home and decided to go on another adventure. The whole book is a journey that comes together nicely at the end which makes you feel so good when you turn that last page. If you want a good, light hearted read with a few giggles I would consider picking up this book. It is also a movie now (which I haven't seen yet) so there is that option as well.

bookreview two

Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell

Don't get put off by the fact this book is from George Orwell! It's completely different from 1984 (which I personally hated) and Animal Farm (which I thought was better than 1984) but still has a dark undertone. The main character reflects the time in George Orwell's life when he was a young writer struggling financially. He writes about true struggles of poverty when he lived in London and in Paris. There is an interesting chapter in the book where he reflects his time as a plongeur - dishwasher where he just worked and slept and questions the point of life when this is all of your life. You really do feel sorry for the guy as he is educated but just hasn't gotten lucky with work.

When the narrator moves to London (his homeland) you feel hopeful for him but alas things don't go well either and it almost seems as worse as when he was in Paris. He also discusses ways to break the tramp system which is also interesting as in this era have done similar things he suggested for the disadvantaged. But the whole story reminded me how lucky I was to be living in 2015 and to have a roof over my head and food in my belly. It makes me put everything into perspective that things could have been a lot worse and I should reflect more on the things I have rather than I things I don't have.

I love how reading can make you think and feel different things. I'm really looking forward to starting my next book! What have you been reading?

Friday, 7 August 2015

Peacocks Haul

peacocks one

I've been needing new clothes for awhile but I just never see anything that I liked. In my old age I've found it hard to decide what style I want to go for as I know I'm too old for some things and too young for others. I ended up being lost in stores and coming away with nothing as I didn't know what I should wear and what I felt comfortable wearing. I decided to take a step back from the shops and do a little research to find someone who was a similar age to me and wore things I could see myself in. I found myself gravitating towards Anna and Lily Pebbles style. I love how they wear very basic items and to create more interest by using jewellery and add colour through their lipstick. However I didn't have the bank balance to be buying from Whistles so I opted for a cheaper store- Peacocks.

It's not the most popular store in the blogging world but they do have quite a few cute pieces if you look hard enough and at amazing affordable prices!

peacocks three

The basics
I love wearing basic t-shirts in the weekend and these two caught my eye. Not only are they super cheap at £8.00 each but I love how they dip at the back, slightly over sized and v-necked. These look so nice with my Jamie ripped skinny jeans from Topshop and if you are confident with your legs (which I'm sadly not) they will look super cute with shorts. They are made form polyester which isn't the best for hot days but it does mean you can dress these guys up with black skinny's and heels as the material has a slight shine to it.

peacock four

The work blouses
I am still getting used to having to wear office clothing Monday-Friday and noticed my wardrobe was lacking tops. I firstly got the Cream Square Texture Blouse which is very see through but fine with a tank top underneath. It looks perfect tucked into a pencil skirt as the checks adds a little something different to a ordinary black and white outfit. The next top I got was the Sleeveless Roll Neck Top which is my absolutely favourite item out of this whole haul! The roll neck looks fantastic with a statement necklace and the top drapes nicely down with the back covering your bum so you can get away with wearing thick leggings with. I have a feeling this is going to be my go-to top for the next few months!

peacock five

If anyone reading this knows me in real life then you will know how much I bang on about how short dresses are! I am quite tall at 5"8 so finding a dress which doesn't look like a long top is hard. The Crepe Dip Back Dress is what I was looking for in a summer dress. It's black which I think makes it more work appropriate but it's so loose that it will hide any food baby you may have! I also got the Georgette Shirt Dress which reminds of a Topshop dress I saw a few months back but a fraction of the price! I have to admit it is a little short in the front so I do feel more comfortable wearing tights with this one but it's longer at the back so I can get away with wearing no tights. It has a 70's influence to it but not too 70's which makes you feel like you are dressed up for a costume party.

I am so pleased with all the finds! I will definitely be shopping at Peacocks more often!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Guest Post from Novellette

I am very pleased to introduce Emily from Novelette! She's guest blogging for me today as I also had the honour of guest blogging on her blog - see here. I want to thank Emily for taking the time to post on my blog and talk about one of my favourite things - lipsticks!

Hey everyone! I’m Emily, aka Novellette, from the Canadian lifestyle and writing blog Novellette. Recently Jacynta was a fabulous featured blogger on my blog and she was kind enough to extend the offer back to me. I am very excited to be talking to you all today about one of my favourite things: lipstick.

Yes, it is true I am a bit of a lipstick addict. While some people never leave the house without mascara, rarely a day passes without me grabbing one of my favourite bright coloured beauties. So inevitably I go through a lot and love trying new brands!


I was in the department store with a friend not long ago and she being a blusher fan as her number one makeup of choice, asked me if high end makeup, lipstick particularly, was really worth the buy or if great drugstore brands are just as good? And instantly, BAM! I had a challenge set before me. Well, challenge accepted!

Now the hunt was on for two products that were virtually identical in every aspect of colour: one drugstore and one high end. I started out with one of my favourite drugstore brands, Covergirl in the colours 325 Spellbound and 405 Fairytale and decided on Yves-Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine colours 28 and 12, as my competitor high end brand which were great matches.

From the exterior alone, the companies share little in common in colour palette design but similarities can be found. Both are sleek and simple and provide a close colour swatch to their inside product. Nothing is worse than buying a lipstick where the swatch proves to be too far off base for your liking. Thankfully, this is where testers come in handy.

Preferably, my eye instantly notices the YSL tube first about 9/10 times. The gold immediately catches your eye, as is the company’s intention. However, I have learned the hard way with other products never to be fooled by packaging. It is the inside that counts first and foremost.


Now for the actual test. The shape of the Covergirl lipstick is in the more traditional style. The end is cut in the large tear drop style, slightly bigger than the size of the average lip. The YSL, similar to other high end brands, take a different approach. The lip colour is cut is a smaller more square end which is more accurately the size of your lip. Does it make a difference? I would say yes. The YSL style tends to stay in shape longer and is way easier to apply, especially if you’re in a rush or you don’t have a mirror. Inevitably this happens to me more than I’d like, haha!

Spending the day with each one without reapplications, there are clear positives and benefits. Let’s start with Covergirl. The texture of this lipstick is smooth and goes on with little resistance or feeling of tugging. There is no doubt in it’s lasting ability. The colour is bright and vibrant with a slight shine, needing only one application for an entire 9 hour school or work day. Even through eating and drinking throughout the day, there is no need to reapply. A bonus if you ever forget your makeup bag! In fact, getting it off can often be a struggle. A normal swipe of Kleenex or tissue will not be enough to remove it and you might have to ensure you wipe your lips quite well when you wash your face.

The lipstick is moisturizing and never felt sticky to me as the day progressed. Even in varying temperatures from cold to hot, there was little change in the consistency. The smell of the product is not my favourite. There is a rather potent chemical type smell, but only if you were to sniff it while in the tube. On your lips, there is absolutely no scent to reach your nose at all. Bonus, there!


Onto YSL! This was my first time using the YSL brand though I have been dying to for some while. Texture wise, the YSL is very similar to other high end brands, such as Chanel, that I have tried. There is a natural smoothness in texture when they go on, and are very butter-like in feel and consistency giving great hydration. It is very creamy and immediately feels comfortable. The colour is intense, not as pigmented as Covergirl once it is on, but gives a rich colour after two swipes. The slight shimmer is perfect for transitioning to night, but you will have to reapply this colour. Though the colour is able to hold its own, constant eating and drinking will slowly wear it away. It will grow lighter and lighter on your lips until it is finally gone and you’ll need to reapply.

There is even an added high gloss feel which makes it seem a hybrid between lip gloss and lipstick. So if you’re the type of person who puts a lipgloss over their lipstick, you probably won’t need to do that with this one. Unlike Covergirl, the scent is probably one of the best I have ever encountered for lipstick. They give off a florally, fruity perfume which is reminiscent of a great fruit shampoo. That in itself was a great feature when selecting one of YSL’s products in the store.


Now, to the numbers. There is no doubt that high end makeup is priced higher than drugstore brands. In this instance, here is how each brand stacks up financially with the products I purchased. As I am Canadian, I converted the amount to pounds which gives an estimate of the difference between British and Canadian currency.

325 Spellbound: $6.99 (£3.42) 405 Fairytale: $6.99 (£3.42) = $13.98 (£6.48) without taxes

Rouge Volupté Shine 28: $36.00 (£17.61) Rouge Volupté Shine 12: $36.00 (£17.61) = $72.00 (£35.22) without taxes

Grand Total: $85.89 (£41.70) without taxes

So what’s the outcome of my challenge? It’s all about weighing the pros and the cons. The truth is, you can get a product similar to a high end brand like YSL at the drugstore. If you don’t like to break your bank, then I would say Covergirl is a great product and well worth your money for a good quality lipstick that does what lipstick is supposed to do really well: provide long lasting colour with good quality texture. In that case, make YSL your treat makeup and Covergirl your go to on-the-go product.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending a little more on your makeup, absolutely give YSL a try. It is an amazing find! You won’t regret spending a little more on this makeup product one bit and as far as high end brands go, this is definitely going to be hard to beat! It’s made it’s way to the top of my new favourites list for sure.

No matter if you’re a fan of drugstore or high end brands, I hope I gave you a glimpse at the other side and an example of the differences you can find with colour matched lipsticks. And in any case, if you ever have the unfortunate task of finding a lipstick after they discontinue a favourite of yours, the variety of colours in both brands will guarantee you’re bound to find a match.

Before I head out, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Jacynta for having me. It’s been a blast being able to work together and you’ve been absolutely lovely the entire time. I hope to see you all out in the blogosphere! Make sure to say hello :)

xo Novellette

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Revlon Lustrous Lipstick

revlonSP one

I owe Revlon the biggest favour as it was this brand that introduced me to the world of makeup. I was browsing the counters with my friend and the woman offered to do my make up for me. Before then I had only ever worn foundation, mascara and a single brown neutral eyeshadow but nothing else. It felt so lovely to have my make up done! She applied the whole works on me - primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlight, eyeliner, more than one colour eyeshadow and lipstick. She showed me in the mirror and it was like looking at a whole different person, an amazing person! A person who had their life put together and wasn't living a student life of two minute noodles. For the first time I felt amazing and it was all down to Revlon.

revlonSL two

Unlike most girls I was not into Mac lipsticks (I am hearing you all gasp at this) I was obsessed with the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick line. Between every pay check I would swatch and admire all the colours on the stand (in New Zealand the Revlon stands are huge compared to here in the UK) trying to narrow down which colour I should choose next. The reason why I love this line so much is the creamy texture, the amazing pigmentation, the non-offensive smell (as they don't really smell like anything) and I loved the classic looking packaging.

revlonSL three

I started off in the browns as it was winter at the time and brown looks nice with my complexion (so the lady at the counter told me). My absolute favourite was Smokey Rose (featured left) and Rich Raisin Frost (right). The Super Lustrous line have different finishes (which at the time I had no idea about and I giggle at my past self) and these two are a 'pearl' finish which means they have a slight 'shine' like appearance.

revlonSL four

I love these two shades. The one on the left is popular Cherries in the Snow which is stunning! Like so stunning that every time I wear it I get people asking me what I am wearing. I really do think it's a show stopper. It's a creme finish so it's creamy with no shine yet it's not quite matte. The other one is soft silver rose which again is a pearl finish but looks amazing in the summer with a pink lipgloss over the top.

revlonSL five

A few years ago I went through an orange phase and would non stop where these shades. The one on the left is Kiss Me Coral which is lovely with a tan and Siren (on the right) is a crazy bright orange which unfortunately I'm not too keen on anymore. Both are creme finishes so they knock a pouch when it comes to pigmentation yet they are not drying at all.

I feel like Relvon needs to have more love in the blogging community as it is a really nice brand either for someone who is just starting out with makeup or someone who have been into makeup for awhile as there is something for everyone.

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