Friday, 31 July 2015

Rimmel Apocalips

apocalips one

This post about the Rimmel Apocalips may seem a little dated for a few of you but I just had to share my love for these so I'll keep it snappy!

First of all the colour pigmentation is incredible! Never have I seen colour so bright and long lasting in a drug store product. However I have to say colour choice is essential as the first colour I got was Luna and it was rubbish (on me anyway). It was just too peachy and looked cakey after a few minutes of wearing it. However after seeing so many raving reviews I decided to get a brighter colour and Stellar caught my eye and... WOW!!!... this colour is stunning! I'm not joking when I say every time I wear this I get questions as to what it is. I also didn't have to top it up once, not even after I finished eating lunch! It didn't smear all over my face either. Due to this break through I wanted to try more, I was hooked!

apocalips two Left to Right: Big Bang, Stellar, Apocaliptic, Celestial, Luna

I then bought Big Bang, Apcolaiptic and Celestial which I love all like crazy! I noticed there is a matte line as well I'll be keen to try out! (Told you I was going to keep it snappy! hee hee)

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