Friday, 17 July 2015

Review: Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Sugar and Spice

makeup rev one

There has been so much craze for Makeup Revolution and their palettes that I just had to check it out for myself. Again I have always been skeptical about cheaper make up especially when a brand has been hyped up. I ended up choosing the Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice however there was not much of a selection at the stand as most of the products were destroyed from people using them as testers! The palette has 8 shades (which none of them have names) in a brown-berry colour scheme. They are all matte apart from the two at the end. The palette retails at £6 which is nice as it doesn't break the bank.

makeup rev two

The two brown shades on the top left corner I don't get much use out of at the moment but that is not to say that I won't use them. I just tend to use browns in the winter to warm the face up without using a bronzer. In the meantime I have used them as a blending colour for my eyelids and they work really well for that!

The two berry shades below the browns (this is so difficult to talk about when they have no names!) I wore once and never again. They are too crazy bright for me. When I tried them I felt like I time travelled back to the 80's. These colours are not the easiest to blend out either so once your brush hits your cheek it is not going anywhere so I had to take my foundation brush in the effort to fade it out.

The two remaining colours parallel to the highlighter colours are workable. The top pink shade is light on the skin which gives a lovely flushed look meanwhile the peach colour is lovely for the summer with bronzed skin. Both these shades I have to say make the palette worth the purchase as they are really beautiful!

Now we get onto the highlight looking blushes on the end. There is simply noway anyone could wear these two either as a highlight or a blush! The berry one on the bottom is too pigmented to be a highlight and way to shiny to be a blush. The lilic one on the top is just glitter galore which is just not cute. I ignore these two as I think they are simply awful.

Due to two browns being workable and the pink and peach being amazing I would say that this is definitely well worth the price. The palette could do without the crazy berry shades and the two shimmery ones on the end cause then the palette would be perfect. I have heard better reviews about the Golden Sugar Palette so I might try that instead.


  1. This looks great for the price! I have been meaning to try one of their blush palettes! x
    Claire |

    1. even though there are a few dud ones it is still great for the price!

      Jacynta xx



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