Sunday, 19 July 2015

Hawkstone Park

hawkestone six

On Saturday Adam and I visited the beautiful Hawkstone Park which is in the Shropshire. It is a three hour walk (which I did not know hence the really awful shoe decision) with loads of stunning views. For an adult it is approximately £8.00 for entry and there is a cute tearoom and a gift shop.

hawkestone four

I wore my Topshop sandals that my mum bought me last summer (which really hurt my feet in the last 30minutes of our walk), my Cambridge blue satchel bag, some PJ inspired trousers from Primark, a yellow cami again from Primark and a black kimono from New Look. I was going to show you all a full body photo but I hated all the photos I took so naturally I have deleted them.

hawkestone one

hawkeston two

We did enter the treasure hunt but sadly we only found five out of the ten stars (they are really hard to find!)

hawkestone eight

hawkestone seven

We ended up climbing a huge narrow tower and once we were at the top there were stunning views of the English country side. There was not a lot of space at the top and the drop down was really scary hence why I'm clinging to the walls in this photo!

hawkstone five

hawkestone five

hawkestone nine

It was such a lovely day and the weather was perfect! I would definitely come again but next time I would bring a picnic with me and wear trainers as it is not a leisurely walk.

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