Sunday, 12 July 2015

Dollybowbow Box 3 - Summer Edition

dollybox one

I have watched Kate from Dollybowbow on Youtube for a long time now. I've always been interested in buying from her shop but being a poor university student I would always talk myself out of it. Last year at Christmas she started releasing seasonal jewellery boxes. Again I was tempted but never quite tempted enough to put my card details in until this seasons box! It is the rose gold edition box! I absolutely love rose gold because it's young, sophisticated yet still unique. The only item that was not gold rose is the statement necklace but the necklace is so beautiful it does not worry me.

What is in the box

Rose Gold Horse Shoe Necklace
Rose Gold Dainty Heart Earrings
Rose Gold and Crystal Bracelet
Rose Gold Infinity Ring

All these items retail for £29.94 including delivery and it comes perfectly packaged with a lovely black box with a pink bow and all the items are in separate jewellery pouches aside from the statement necklace which was wrapped in pink tissue paper. I personally didn't have any issues with any of the items being tangled but I have read some reviews that people did have a few issues.

dollybox two

Kate describes the Statement Necklace as a vintage style, teardrop necklace on an antique gold base. The jewels are mint green, purple and classic diamond inspired. This looks really nice with a monochrome outfit as it adds a bit of colour. I don't think it is too out there like some statement necklaces can be so I would defiantly wear it for work either under a collared shirt or with a high necked dress.

dollybox three

I wasn't too fussed on the Horse Shoe Necklace. I thought it felt cheap and very light weight so the necklace doesn't sit right when wearing it. But this is the only item that was a flop. The Gold and Crystal Bracelet on the other hand is simply stunning! It looks so beautiful on the wrist that when I'm out and about I find myself starring at it in admiration. It just looks far more expensive than it is and looks perfect with my Michael Kors rose gold watch.

dollybox four

The Heart Earrings are pretty but I think they are a little young for me so I will be giving these to my 13 year old sister in law. But the Infinity Ring is absolutely gorgeous. You don't get to choice a size but it fitted perfectly on my ring finger (I was slightly hoping it would be too small and I could wear it as a middie ring but alas!). I wore it all weekend and it did not give me a green finger at all! So I am very impressed with the quality.

I can't wait for her next box as now I am totally hooked!


  1. I have never ever heard of this jewellery line before, I'll have a look now that I have read your post! Your pictures are lovely here.
    Amy x

    1. Aw thanks! :) she sell's really cute bits and pieces and the seasonal jewellery boxes are great value for money!

      Jacynta xx

  2. The horse shoe necklace is too cute! *Lucky* ;)

    1. boy do i need some luck in my life! :P




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