Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My Journey to Healthy Living: Part One

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I have always been on and off when it comes to getting fit and eating healthy. I tend to be one extreme or the other which isn't very kind on my body. At the start of the year I wanted to lose weight. Since getting married (almost three years ago) I got..I suppose you can say... comfortable. I knew I was putting on weight so I would go on crazy diets, give up, eat rubbish, feel bad, go on another crazy diet. It has been a endless circle for years now as I would always make excuses for myself 'I'm too busy to exercise' or 'I'll start eating better when exams are over'.

I can officially say that I am now done with the on and off diets and excuses. Now that university is over I just want to live a healthy lifestyle! However I have noticed people can get too wrapped up in the whole 'clean eating' (which I have been guilty of!) just as some other people get too wrapped up in the 'I don't really care what I put into my body' (again...guilty!). I want a complete balance! I want to eat clean most days but have the naughty thing here and there without wanting to eat the whole entire packet of biscuits.

work out planner

I also need to get fit for my skiing holiday in December. To stay motivated with my exercising I have started a gym/work out planner where I keep track of all my work outs and when I actually go to the gym. Ideally I want to workout Monday-Thursday with one work out in the weekend (It's my goal for July so we shall see if I actually do this!).

To kick off my new lifestyle I am going cold turkey for a month of no junk food. I will bring it back into my diet in August. The idea is for my brain to be like hey I can survive without any sugar goodness. I'm doing No Junk July with my Dad and we have each put £50 on the table to motivate each other as we are both sugar monsters.

I want to make this journey into a mini series on my blog where I discuss goals and achievements. I hope it might be useful to those out there equally struggling to establish a healthy way of living.


  1. Hey I am also on the same journey. But it goes like on and off. Got a bit motivation after knowing about your no junk food july and workout routine. Hope I get myself on a proper track of diet and workout.

    1. Join me on no junk july! it's only for a month (so I keep telling myself!). I'm going to take a photo of myself at the start of it and at the end to see if it makes a difference or not!

      Jacynta xxx



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