Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and what better way to come back into the blogging world than to have a post all about love! I know there is a lot of hate for valentine's day but I don't understand how you cannot like a 'day of love'. Whether you are single, in a relationship, married or "it's complicated" the day can bring something for everyone. My husband and I decided to use the day as a "glorified" date night. We went to a local Thai restaurant (which had amazing food but the worst service, but that's for another post). I decided to wear something simple but romantic. I opted for my old favourite tiered fitting skirt with a zip running down the middle (Max Fashions (New Zealand), a lace back sleeveless sheer shirt (Forever New (Australia)) with a flower necklace (Primark (current)) that I tucked under the collar. To give the outfit more of a 'valentine's day' theme I finished with a baby pink blazer (Glassons (New Zealand)).

For make up I went more natural starting with the Body Shops tea tree primer which is great for a long night out because it stops bacteria from forming on your face and helps keep your make up on for longer. I didn't want high coverage so I choose the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation and to cover any problem areas I used my Collection concealer. Finishing the skin I used a rose pink blush from Estee Lauder. I did quite a natural eye shadow look as I wanted the red lipstick to be the bold statement. 

Aside the terrible service we received our valentines dinner was tastey and we finished the night off with a piece of cake that I baked for my husband (which surprisingly turned out okay considering I don't bake very often).

I hope you all had a lovely valentines day :) let me know what you got up to! xxx


  1. Heyyy! you have such a lovelyy blog! Lets stay in touch...
    lets follow each other? let me know will follow right back!

  2. Check out your cake decoration skills! :)
    I've always wanted to try that primer from The Body Shop as I've heard it is rather good. Pretty Naked 2 Palette <3

    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  3. aw it's too bad the service wasn't all that desirable, but at least you had cake to look forward to! ;) and i love getting all dolled up for valentine's, it makes me so happy to be a girl at that moment haha

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. the first picture is so beautiful! I love it!

  5. I love this lipstick!



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